Thursday, May 10, 2012

Growing the Sport....

I've enjoyed disc golf since '86. Nine times out of ten I'm playing a solo round. So I was very surprised when my friends Danielle & Corey wanted to play a round. They both had never played before or even threw beach frisbees much. (they saw my Facebook posts on DG)

I set up the time and place and went through my discs to find a good starter disc for them. I picked my 2 lightest weight ROCs I had. Before the round I gave them a 20 minute coaching on how to throw a disc and off we went. I guaranteed them that they would be trowing 100' or more by the end of the round. (they scoffed at that claim)

I started them off with a standing throw and after a few holes they were learning a 3 step - x step throw.

At the start of the round they were throwing about 50'. By the 5th hole they were getting the hang of it and then the thunderclouds began to roll in with some lightening in the distance so we just threw a few safari holes back to the parking lot.

As we were heading to the cars Danielle put it all together and ripped a good 100' throw that went straight at the basket and almost went in. I think that hooked her on disc golf.

They already are looking forward to the next time so they can play an entire 18 hole round.

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