Sunday, May 20, 2012

A New Disc Golf Hobby

I was inspired by some of the guys on DGCR that do some amazing disc dyes.

If you haven't heard of this. You cut out a mask with adhesive vinyl and apply it to the disc. Then you heat up some poly dye and float the disc in the dye. Every where there is an opening in the mask the dye stains the disc's plastic.

Step 1 was to cut out the mask. I did this at work on the old light table we used to edit negatives on. It worked great. Some designs were easy and only took about an hour.

Once I removed the cut outs and worked out all the air bubbles I tried my first dye....

My first attempt was my Eddie design that took about 3 hours to cut out. I dyed my 150 Champion Leopard.

The next one was my 150 Star Sidewinder....

I finished up with my Star Dart putter with a little reminder to hit the chains.

For first tries they turned out all right. There are some amazing multi-colored dyes out there. The only limit is your imagination.

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