Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rolling Thunder 25

Rolling Thunder has been changing over the last few years. It's as it the National Parks Service is doing everything they can to fuck it up for the riders coming in to D.C.

My first year back in '02 I parked on the side of Constitution right next to Thunder Alley. A few years later we parked in the grass next to the Washington Monument. In '09 & '10 Ken & I parked over by the Memorial bridge right next to the Lincoln Memeorial. Last year that area was blocked off and this year everything was blocked off. I didn't see one area for bike parking anywhere near the parade area.

We ended up parking on 5th & Pennsylvania about 3 blocks away which made all the extra walking hell on our feet.

The other thing was in the past it was an actual constant rumbling of thousands of Harleys rolling down Constitution. THis year they were spaced apart in groups and they ended up spreading out making it seem like Kinda Thunder instead of Rolling Thunder.

And as last year we could not find a way in to the parade route so we could ride to the end lot and make it out of D.C. Instead we had to ride an extra 10 miles in 90° snarling traffic to make it out.

I'm seriously considering riding somewhere else next year.

I was the luckiest fucker in D.C. today....

On the way back to where we parked our bikes I realize I don't have my key on me. Either it's still in the ignition or it fell out of my pocket somewhere on the National Mall. Either way I could be totally fucked. I parked on the open end of our space and anyone walking by could easily see the key and my helmet hanging on the bars. My Sporty was just begging anyone to "Please jump on and take me for a ride".

But luckily for me when we get back to our bikes the Sporty is still there with the key in the ignition.

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