Saturday, January 12, 2013

Disc Golf & Chili...

The Loriella Charity Disc Golf & Chili Cook-Off was a great success. Forty DG'ers from as far away as Maryland. NOVA, Richmond, Newport News & North Carolina. We collected about 150 cans of food and $200 for the Rappahannock Area Food Bank.

The forecast was supposed to be clouds & sun with it reaching about 65°. In reality a thick fog settled in on the area and kept it cold and damp all day long. But it didn't matter. For the first time #12 was an Island Hole. A 40' circle surrounded #12 basket and if you didn't make it in you were teeing off a second shot at 3. If you miss the second tee shot you had to go to the drop zone just outside the island for a 6. Miss that shot & you're putting for a 7. So 12 could be a disaster.

The morning round I was playing great. I was hitting the fairways not getting in to trouble. I didn't throw one bad shot off the tee pad and didn't make any stupid mistakes.  My putter was on target and I was hitting 30' - 40' putts easily.

On hole 12 I threw a straight champ sidewinder (Pictured Here) right at the basket for an easy drop in birdie. I finished the round at 56 (+2). My best Loriella round in a tournament.

The afternoon round didn't go as well. My drives and upshots were fine but I proceeded to 2 & 3 putt just about every hole. Nothing sucks worse than driving a tee shot 20' from the basket and ending up scoring a bogey because I all of a sudden can't hit a putt.

I ended up exploding with a 70 (+16). About 10 of those strokes were extra putts after misses. It was so bad it was beginning to get funny. The other guys on the card couldn't believe I was missing so bad on just about every putt over 20'.

But it was a fun day and I was able to hold on for 5th. I would have finished second if I had just been able to hit my putts. I guess I just got too tired that second round.

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keiko_smiles said...

Every time I swing by your blog, you are always doing something. I am starting to get jealous of all you have been doing. =]