Monday, February 25, 2013

Promoting the Club

Since getting back in to disc golf I have met a great bunch of people. The members of the Spotsy Disc Golf Club. They have made playing DG fun again and encouraged me to start tournament play again.

I might not be the best DG'er in the club but I can bring a solid skill set. My contribution to the club is photographing events & players, dying trophy discs and designing graphics.

I took the club logo and updated it and made some stickers. To give to club members. The pic is about the actual size of the sticker. Which isn't bad but it's hard to see stuck on the back of your car.
It was bugging me how to get a big logo sticker until I realize I could cut one out using the same skills I use to dye discs. I took the art and cleaned it up for a line art file and enlarged it to 14" in diameter.

It took me about eight hours to cut the design out of a sheet of Orcal 631 white sign vinyl. But it was worth it.

You can easily see this if you're behind me....

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