Sunday, October 27, 2013

Last Ride of the Season

Today was a toss-up between playing a round at Loriella or heading out to Skyline to try and catch the last of the Fall colors.

The skies cleared up around 11 and the temps warmed up and Loriella wasn't going any where so I took off for the day.

I'm glad I did. At the route 20 Sheetz I ran in to Mike and his classic Ironhead. I hadn't seen him in years we exchanged numbers so we could get together for a ride next year.

It's a good thing I bundled up for this ride. It was nice but it cooled down a lot on Skyline. The Fall colors were past the peak but it was still a nice ride. The GOP shutdown had closed Shenandoah park at the busiest time of the year. The traffic was busy but not too much to slow down traffic.

It was a great final day ride of the season. Unless there is a warm break this Winter. If that happens I'll just keep it local.

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