Saturday, February 22, 2014

Betty Queen Open

My first event of 2014 was at the 9 hole Betty Queen DGC. The format was 2 rounds of 18. Each round was first 9 from the short tees and second 9 from the longs.

Tee shot on 1 short

The morning round started out good. I birdied a few of the first 9 and was holding below 60 with 3 holes to go. That's when everything went to shit. By the time it was over I scored 71. It was partly my fault after the second bad hole my "Give a Fuck" meter was red lining.

During the break we ate some delicious soups for the BQO Soup Contest.

The second round went much better. I was surprised I did as well as I did. Mike kept trying to cheer me up with encouragements but I really wasn't in the mood. Before it was over I had the best score on the card. It was the first time I had a better score than Jeff during an event.

Those last three holes of the first round really cost me big. I could have possibly won my division if I had kept my shit together. But I did improve my score by 12 strokes on the second round.

And I did tie for the best soup with my Papaw's Butter Bean & Ham soup recipe.

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