Sunday, March 09, 2014

Orlando and Some Disc Golf

My Dad died March 4th and I prepared for the drive to Orlando for the funeral I debated on whether or not to bring my discs. I decided to bring them in the chance I would get to play. 

I spent all day Saturday driving the 800 miles to Central Florida and after getting to my place and getting some dinner I began to get sick. The worst flu/cold/sore throat I have had in years.

Sunday morning I wasn't feeling to bad and I wasn't expected to visit with family until later that evening. I decided to stop by my old home course and say hello to anyone that I might know. It had been 14 years since played a round there.

I show up and luckily my first DG mentor Bob Lewis was setting up his pro shop that is next to the course. I bought my first discs and DG bag from the back of his van at Barnett Park. (I still have them) But Bob has grown the local scene so much. He now has a great selection of plastic, bags and drinks & snacks. 

To my surprise I was still on the club roster (FDGA#86) and I had 6 strokes coming my way is I wanted to play in the Sunday Handicap.

The last handicap I played about 10 showed up at the picnic table next to the practice basket. Now there were about 40 players there. As I was wandering through the crowd I spotted a couple in "Too Many Days in May" shirts.

I thought it might be some locals that had made it up to the Blockhouse but it was Steven Greatsinger and Kelly Clegg from Bayville.  They had just happened to be in the area on vacation and came by and joined in on the handicap.

For being sick and not played this course for 14 years I did pretty good. My 57 ended up being a 51 with my 6 stroke handicap and I ended up in an 8 way tie for second.

During the playoff the warm sunny weather finally caught up with me and I was pretty sluggish and ended up finishing 6th. I grip locked my tee shot off the second hole and pretty much took me out of it.

But it was a good day and it took my mind off my Dad for a few hours.

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