Sunday, October 12, 2014

2014 Hawk Hollow Open

Last weekend the pros descended on one of the toughest disc golf courses I'll ever play, Hawk Hollow.

October is Hawk Hollow Open time. It's amazing watching good disc golfers attack a course like this. Plus it's a fun place to take really good DG images. The cloudy weather created a huge softbox that gave me some even light.

Some of my favorites of the weekend.

I really like getting shots like this....

Guys photo bombing behind another player is something that is happening more often, it makes the day more fun.

 This was a one frame hit. The player nailed an uphill 40' putt from inside the tree.

I had been waiting for a few years to get this shot. Finally Stephen was practicing putts before the start of the round.

It was another fun weekend. For all the images click the link....

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