Sunday, October 26, 2014

Dyeing For Some New Discs....

It had been a while but I dyed the trophy discs for the Hawk Hollow Ams event. It's not hard at all but it got me back in to wanting to do some new dyes.

This time I wanted to do some multicolor dyes. I decided it was time for some new putters. I order 2 white star Darts. The first design was a Calvin & Hobbes cartoon I updated to a disc golf theme.

This one wasn't too hard to do. I used the shaving cream dye to paint the different colors. I was debating adding some grass & sky but I decided against that and it came out really clean.

The other putter I went with a more ambitious design. I found a stained glass Flying Spaghetti Monster and adapted it to fit a round design.

I started with heat dying the black lines then orange on the outer edge (I also dyed the underside orange too) and finished the heat dye with the yellow. Then I used shaving cream dye to do each different element. To try and keep it under control I would only peel off the mask of the color I was going to dye. Red for the meatballs & eyes. Then blue, followed by purple and finishing with green.

For the difficulty and challenge of the FSM dye it turned out a lot better than I could hope for. Only a few bleeds and the colors came out great.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ace Race Fun....

Went up to Hot Shots for my friend Jerry's Discraft Ace Race. Basically you get 2 prototype discs and throw ace runs at shortened holes. Whoever gets the most aces wins and metal hits are used as tie breakers.

The discs this year were fairly over stable for my arm. It took me the first 8 holes just to get the range in. I had several really close misses.We were not scoring any hits and then on hole 16 I threw a huge hyzer-bomb and it looked good. I wasn't going to say anything but the guys in my group were yelling for it to go in. The disc dropped straight down and hit the chains and stuck. The bonus was it was a CTP hole too, unless someone else aces that hole I at least will win something.

That put us all in a good mood and the others in my group started hitting metal.

The second round I was in 2nd place Mike had an Ace and 1 metal hit and I had 1 Ace. By the 8 hole I had scored 3 metal hits to take the lead on my card. But Scott scores 2 Aces and with about 10 holes to go my back tightened up and my gas tank was running on empty. I had several close calls but just couldn't score that 2nd Ace. On the last hole I threw another big hyzer-bomb and the disc hit about 24" from the pin and was able to win 2 of the 4 CTP's

Even though I didn't like this disc that much I did pretty good with it. It's kinda between an Avenger and Avenger SS. I'm not that big of fan of Discraft. Their molds just don't seem to fit my throwing style. I was a little disappointed I didn't win but I was competitive and did good.

On a bright note I did win the #31 Spotsy tag off of Jerry and he ended up with my #44.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

2014 Hawk Hollow Open

Last weekend the pros descended on one of the toughest disc golf courses I'll ever play, Hawk Hollow.

October is Hawk Hollow Open time. It's amazing watching good disc golfers attack a course like this. Plus it's a fun place to take really good DG images. The cloudy weather created a huge softbox that gave me some even light.

Some of my favorites of the weekend.

I really like getting shots like this....

Guys photo bombing behind another player is something that is happening more often, it makes the day more fun.

 This was a one frame hit. The player nailed an uphill 40' putt from inside the tree.

I had been waiting for a few years to get this shot. Finally Stephen was practicing putts before the start of the round.

It was another fun weekend. For all the images click the link....

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Shaving Cream Disc Dyes

I have been coming in to dying discs again. I have been inspired by some great work on DGCR that have been using shaving cream to do some beautiful tye-dye and other effects on their plastic.

I practiced on a few old discs and after I was fairly sure I could pull off the look I would be going for I gave it a try.

The basic concept here is you mix the dye in with standard shaving cream and then create patterns for certain effects. This process take a few hours to work instead of the few minutes with heat dyes.

The Big Lebowski was going to be the design. I started off with the black outline dye.

The next step would be to color the lenses of the sunglasses. I dropped small blue dots in a star pattern with a few yellow dots and then I filled it all in with red.

Then I created the outer pattern to go round the art. I was trying to create a flame pattern.

I then peeled off the outer edge mask. The dyes on the sunglasses was left on the disc. It was thich enough to stick and not move.

I left the disc to sit in the dye for about 4 hours....

... and this is what I ended up with.

The colors are a lot brighter than is the pic. To finish the disc I added a brown to color the hair highlights. It turned out really well for a beginner's attempt.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mach III Re-fit....

I was getting bored with the Mach III basket and decided it was time for a re-fit. It was time to finally get the basket truly portable. I ordered a portable pole and base from DGA. Instead of using nuts & bolts to put everything together I was going to update it so the basket could be taken down quickly & easily.

But first, I needed to get the new paint done. I decided to make the basket super visible. I painted everything with a base white. Then a heavy duty orange enamel layer topped off with a flourescent orange. To keep orange paint off any oncoming plastic I finished the paint with a satin clear coat.

The final touch was painting the Spotsy club logo on the number plate. I really like how it turned out...

Now I had to modify the basket, base & pole to fit the PNC post by drilling the holes a little bigger which was a non-factor. I added 12" fishing leader wires to attach the posts to the basket so they would not get lost during transport.

The PNC posts worked perfectly. They hold the basket together and will not work loose, bend or strip out like bolts & nuts. It makes taking apart & putting together the basket so much easier.

 With a little thought and planning I now have my Mach III ready for use anywhere. First stop will be the Hawk Hollow Open coming in October.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Red Oak Rumble

I went up to LaPlata, Md to play in the Red Oak Rumble. Jerry & Billy were hosting their first PDGA event at the new Turkey Hill disc golf course. Since they always come down for our tournaments I wanted to support their events.

The rub here is that the Open, Advanced & Intermediate divisions were going to play from the long blue tees. Ronnie and I drove up the previous Wednesday to get some practice in and there was no way I could play 2 rounds on that set up.

So I decided to drop down to the Rec division. I felt pretty much ashamed and a little dirty but I'm only an 850 rated player and probably never going to get much better no matter how much I practice.

I was feeling pretty good I had been practicing putts in the backyard for about an hour every day for the past 2 weeks...


Including me 5 Spotsy guys traveled up for the first PDGA sanctioned event at the new Turkey Hill Disc Golf Course. I really like this course if you ever get the chance play it. 

The Rec division was playing from the Red tees (Short Tees) both rounds the second round would play the long basket positions. The first round I did okay, not too many mistakes I couldn't recover from. My biggest problem this round was missing the drives on super short 11 & 12. I failed to hit the easy birdies on both holes. But I managed a 57 (+2) and was in third place behind two tied at even par.

The second card all four of us were within four strokes of each other. This round I completely fell apart on my putting. I missed four birdie putts, some as close as 10'. I missed several par saving putts from within 20'. It was a complete disaster within the circle. The only saving grace was that the other three on my card were not doing much better.

That round should have been 62. The lead card played so bad that the second guy on the chase card shot a 61 and ended up winning by one. But I was able to hang on for third.

It wasn't a bad day after all. I finished 3rd in Red, Ronnie took 2nd in Intermediate & Cody won the Open division.

I'm pretty sure if I play any more tournaments I'm just going to play Rec. No matter how much I practice or play I will always be an 850 rated player. Maybe one day I'll win one...

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Mike Sale: The Quest for 2,500

Starting on Friday, October 11 at noon Mike Sale began his attempt to regain his
world record of most disc golf holes played in 24 hours. In 2013 Mike
set the record at a course in California by playing 1,310 holes. But
that record was broken by Cody MIller in Richmond, Texas. He played
1,637 in May of 2014.

This attempt was also a way for Mike to raise awarness and funds for
students affected by the shooting at the University of California Santa
Barbera where he is a student. So far he has raised $1,500. 

Mike was determined to regain the record and put it out of reach for any
challengers. The Tiki course at The Blockhouse would be perfect. With a
support team that included his parents and friends and a sponsorship
from Discraft. Mike played each hole with two assistants following him
making sure he always had a disc ready to go at every tee pad or basket.
One person was always with Mike at all times calling in the score of
each hole by pocket radio to a score keeper. 

Each hole on the TIki course was aced at a minimum of once during the
attempt. A brisk pace was the order of the day as he had reached 500 by
the third hour and he continued that pace reaching 1,000 by hour six. At
2:07 am Saturday morning he broke the current record and still had 14
hours to go. By sunrise he had passed 2,200 holes and was still going
strong. By 10am he was at 2,700 holes played. With about 30 minutes left
in the 24 hours Mike decided to stop on a specific number  and at 23
hours 57 minutes he stopped at 2,900 disc golf holes played.

The world record is unofficial until the details are submitted to Guiness World Record officals.

During his 24 hours on the Tiki course Mike walked 80.5 miles playing 161.11
rounds, completing 2,900 holes and hitting 114 aces. An average of 2
holes per minute.