Saturday, April 05, 2014

First Ride of 2014

My truck is giving me some problems and went to the shop for repairs and it's to Plan-B for transportation...

I really don't mind Plan-B that much...

I had heard of a charity ride for a local lady that had been shot while working at a Spotsy convenience store. The weather was sunny cool in the morning but warmed up nice.

It was a really good turnout, about 350-400 bikes showed up to donate $10. The ride was escorted by Spotsy Sheriffs through the back roads of the county coming out on Rt. 20 in Locust Grove.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

SOMD Classic

It was a cold and stormy day...

My last official PDGA event has passed...

I went up to Lancaster Park, MD for the Southern Maryland Disc Golf's inaugural Classic. My friend Jerry Honis was going to TD the first PDGA tournament at Hot Shots DGC. So I signed up. I was planning to drop out after my disaster of a Loriella Challenge appearance but I couldn't let Jerry down.

The weather was pretty bad. Cold, windy & wet. But I traveled up there anyway. I wasn't planning on doing very well and after the first round from the long tees. I ended up having a lot of fun the first round.

 I was only 4 strokes off the lead with the short tees for the second round.

Then during the break I tried to warm up in my truck and took some pain meds and IcyHot on my back to try and get ready for the next round. By the time I got to my second round tart tee by back was just about locked up. I went double circle 7, circle 6, double bogey and bogey after my first 4 holes. That put me at 10 over after 4 holes. I decided to go ahead and drop out and head home. My back was killing me and there was no hope of salvaging the round.

It was a the typical epic fail of a tournament that was fitting of my last event.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Best Buddy Died today...

Jessie died today after his long fight with an enlarged liver that made it hard for him to breathe. He was a great dog that sometimes wouldn't ever stop barking when visitors arrived at the house.

When my sister was a manager at Taco Bell she found him as a pup in the parking lot and brought him home. Even though he was a family dog he was Tammy's dog. When ever she was home he would shadow her every move and sleep in her room.  We gave him about 12 years of good living. Sis nursed him and stayed by his side constantly his last month.

He loved to play even up to his last day. He was a touchy feely kind of dog, Always needing to be either laying next to or on some part of you.

He was a lot of fun too. Give him a squeaky plush toy and he would play for hours. He would go to his pile of toys and pull different ones out depending on his mood.


Every Christmas we would wrap a new toy for him and let him do the rest. He always looked for new toys when Sis brought home Pet Smart bags.

His favorite activity was playing fetch. He was one of the fastest dogs I have ever seen. He would play fetch until he was exhausted.


I miss him so much. I don't believe I can have another dog. Going through this hurt way too much.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Virginia Team Invitational

The 2014 VTI is in the books and Team UniTTy from North Carolina are the Champs. Team captain Brian "Schwebby" Schwebeger holds the Champions VTI Milk Jug.

It was a fun but exhausting weekend. I saw a lot of great disc golf from some of the best players on the east coast.

Team Greenville's Jon Mills recruited the other team captains to bring VTI host John Biscoe a new custom painted Discatcher for the course.

For a recap of the weekends action & scores go to the Spotsy Disc Golf Club web page.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Orlando and Some Disc Golf

My Dad died March 4th and I prepared for the drive to Orlando for the funeral I debated on whether or not to bring my discs. I decided to bring them in the chance I would get to play. 

I spent all day Saturday driving the 800 miles to Central Florida and after getting to my place and getting some dinner I began to get sick. The worst flu/cold/sore throat I have had in years.

Sunday morning I wasn't feeling to bad and I wasn't expected to visit with family until later that evening. I decided to stop by my old home course and say hello to anyone that I might know. It had been 14 years since played a round there.

I show up and luckily my first DG mentor Bob Lewis was setting up his pro shop that is next to the course. I bought my first discs and DG bag from the back of his van at Barnett Park. (I still have them) But Bob has grown the local scene so much. He now has a great selection of plastic, bags and drinks & snacks. 

To my surprise I was still on the club roster (FDGA#86) and I had 6 strokes coming my way is I wanted to play in the Sunday Handicap.

The last handicap I played about 10 showed up at the picnic table next to the practice basket. Now there were about 40 players there. As I was wandering through the crowd I spotted a couple in "Too Many Days in May" shirts.

I thought it might be some locals that had made it up to the Blockhouse but it was Steven Greatsinger and Kelly Clegg from Bayville.  They had just happened to be in the area on vacation and came by and joined in on the handicap.

For being sick and not played this course for 14 years I did pretty good. My 57 ended up being a 51 with my 6 stroke handicap and I ended up in an 8 way tie for second.

During the playoff the warm sunny weather finally caught up with me and I was pretty sluggish and ended up finishing 6th. I grip locked my tee shot off the second hole and pretty much took me out of it.

But it was a good day and it took my mind off my Dad for a few hours.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Betty Queen Open

My first event of 2014 was at the 9 hole Betty Queen DGC. The format was 2 rounds of 18. Each round was first 9 from the short tees and second 9 from the longs.

Tee shot on 1 short

The morning round started out good. I birdied a few of the first 9 and was holding below 60 with 3 holes to go. That's when everything went to shit. By the time it was over I scored 71. It was partly my fault after the second bad hole my "Give a Fuck" meter was red lining.

During the break we ate some delicious soups for the BQO Soup Contest.

The second round went much better. I was surprised I did as well as I did. Mike kept trying to cheer me up with encouragements but I really wasn't in the mood. Before it was over I had the best score on the card. It was the first time I had a better score than Jeff during an event.

Those last three holes of the first round really cost me big. I could have possibly won my division if I had kept my shit together. But I did improve my score by 12 strokes on the second round.

And I did tie for the best soup with my Papaw's Butter Bean & Ham soup recipe.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Had Some Fun This Morning...

I discussed religion with 2 Jehovah Witnesses Mike and Tom....

Tom's opening remark..."Do you believe that with the events in the world that the end is coming?"

I respond... "Actually as an Atheist I believe that in the future man will over come their religious beliefs and difference that have caused just about every war in human history."

What followed was a 30 minute attempt by me to get them to denounce God. 

I almost got them when they started their "God has a plan". I rebutted with "If God has a plan then your argument of Free Will is null and void." 

That's when they started looking for a way to end the visit. But they were friendly and nice and I think I challenged them. Especially when I remarked. "Maybe there is a God and his plan was to bring you to me so I could test your faith. Maybe God's plan was to make me an Atheist."

You could see them thinking about that one for a moment.

I scared them the most when I argued...

Why would you pray to a God for help with a problem when it was that God that gave you the problem in the first place? If God is responsible for all the good in the world then he is equally responsible for all the pain & suffering too. Because he is all powerful & knowing.