Sunday, April 17, 2016

Day Ride Today

It's National Parks Week which means free entrance to any National Park. Since I have a season pass it doesn't effect me but today the temps are warm and the skies are crystal blue clear so I had to ride Skyline Drive. The valleys are getting green but it's still brown in the mountains.

I did stop by Stonewall HD (Formerly Waugh's) in Orange. It's open on Sundays now. There was a good crowd there today the dealership is ok. Nothing much is changed except Big Daddy Waugh is not sitting at the front door anymore.

There were a lot of riders out today...

Monday, April 11, 2016

Hey! Not That Bad!

I've been trying to get a Bag Tag night going for a few years and this year is no exception. THe fist night I had 2 guys show up and only one had a tag but I'll take it.

It was another windy day at Loriella but warm. I actually ended up playing not bad. Seven bogeys and 2 birdies and was able to get it under 60 for the first time in forever. It would have been closer to par but I missed 2 birdie putts. I was hitting some long putts for par and to save bogey.

I played well enough to keep my #23 tag. Mike has #55 and Greg will be getting his tag this week.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Started Playing Again....

Since I'm not playing tournaments I'm just playing for fun and exercise. It's a good thing cause I suck. I usually shoot 9-10 over par now but with the super high winds we both played worse. I don't even expect to come close to even any more.

But I have fun when I play with Marla, she is so easy going and fun to play a round with. As usual she beat me again.

With my new iPhone 6s I can take what are called "Live" images. They are basically 3-5 second mini video clips when you tap the scree to take the picture. I took a pic of Marla throwing her tee shot on every hole at Loriella.


It turned out pretty good for a first try. Although you can hear a thump when I tapped the screen to take the image.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Spring is Here

 It's that time again. The weather is warming up and time for Spring Cleaning. Spent about 5 hours polishing & cleaning all the hare to reach places I didn't get to over the winter rides.

I decided to leave the rear seat and backrest off once I was done. I really want to show off that sweet orange paint.

Now all I need to do is find a good rear fender rack and a small backrest to help the ol' lumbar support.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Disc Dying Season is Here...

It's 2016 and that means only one thing...

Time to dye the trophy discs for club events. First up is the Betty Queen Open. Pretty simple design and easy to do.

I didn't want to waste the basket cut outs from the trophy discs so I took them and stuck them on a clear 150 Champ Sidewinder and dyed it orange.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Softail Workshop is Done...

I finally got the shed/workshop for the Softail where I want it now.

 Made some custom signs to go along with the ones I had before....

I added loft shelves on both ends. Wire shelving for my oil, filters and other stuff. Put in lighting and added an old stereo tuner and speakers so I have something to listen too while I work.

There is plenty of room for my tools and an air compressor. I'm measuring it out now to see if I will have room for a lift table that I can keep on it's side when I'm not using it.

I also added a solar battery charger and mounted it to the side of the shed and now I can keep the Softail charged and ready to go without spending any electricity to do it. It works like a charm. I tested with a volt meter and it keeps the battery topped of at 12.4 volts even after the last week of below freezing temps.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Softail Gets a New Home....

Haven't posted in a while. Same old, same old, getting bored with disc golf so I haven't played much.

I finally pulled the trigger on a new shed for the Softail. I still keep the Sportster in my room. I'd keep the Softail in the house too but it won't fit through the door.

Winter is coming and even if you cover your bike with tarps the constant sudden temp changes causes condensation on the bike under the tarp. That kills chrome faster than anything. The plan is to set up the shed as a work area. I'm installing some lights, shelves to take advantage of the high roof area and putting some peg board up. Hopefully have a lift table in there next year when it's time to put on some new tires.