Sunday, October 11, 2015

Blue Skies, Cool Day...

I wasn't planning on a long ride today. But once I got going I ended up riding to Warrenton then taking 521 to Orlean and Hume. Then it was to Front Royal and south on Skyline.

Skyline was just about perfect today. The Fall colors were just starting to come in. It got pretty cool up there today but it was nice. The sky was a pure blue today.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Taking Care of my Baby

I haven't been up to much lately. But the winter is coming so it's time to do some maintenance on the Softail.

Changed the oil, primary & transmission fluids...

Sunday, September 06, 2015

Afternoon Ride

I took off late today but before I knew it I was on Skyline Drive. It was perfect weather for a ride up there. It was pretty cool up there I' glad I brought my jacket.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

1st Tournament in Forever

I was getting bored and hadn't been stupid enough to enter a disc golf tournament so I rode down to Ashland to the The Village Disc Golf Club and entered the River City Open.

The Village is not one of my favorite courses. There are very few birdie holes for a 840's rated player and this course can really throw your ass on the bogey train and take you directly suckville with no stops.

My goals were to actually finish both rounds and not DFL.

The morning round wasn't too bad. We started on 17 and started off with 2 pars. I almost had the birdie on the just about impossible #18 but I ended up with par which felt like a birdie. I did manage one Duce but a few missed par putts and a double bogey on 4 pretty much ruined that round. But it wasn't the worst score I've had here.

The afternoon round was going to be the tough one and it was. It felt like a disc golf death march. I was already tired from the morning round and the heat kicked up a notch during the afternoon. To the point I was sweating so much it looked like I was caught in the rain.

But I didn't fall apart like I usually do. I did have a couple of bad holes but I didn't DNF and I didn't DFL.

Saturday, August 08, 2015


The last week was very exhausting helping Dave get BYOB Garage ready for opening day. A lot of moving equipment around, organizing tool boxes and getting everything looking good.

BYOB Garage owner Dave Ellis and his wife Angela. 

The garage will be a local dealer of Amsoil products.

I arrived early to help out with last minute things and got the Sporty loaded on to a lift for a fluids change and overall mechanical inspection.

Not long after Tom rode in to work on his handle bars and replace a blown tube in his front tire.

I am really excited about the concept of this garage and I hope it catches on. It's so much nicer to be able to work on an elevated lift and not be all sore and cramped from sitting on the floor all day.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Finally got a Round in...

It had been over a month since my back surgery and decided to head out to Loriella and get some exercise. I waited until 5pm and it had cooled off a little bit but it was still a hot day.

I rode the Softail out to the park. I just had to wear jeans over shorts for the ride for safety reasons. I bungee corded the DG bag to the rear seat and off I went.

The good thing about sucking at Disc Golf is if you take a month off you can still shoot about the same as if you never took a break.

Started off with a bird and I was doing ok even though I was on a bogey train. I threw a laser shot straight at the chains on #10 and misse by about 4" Then was hole #11 I hit the first tree and kicked in to the next county. At least I didn't give up and was able to just about par out.

I had brought my cooler bag with some water and Gatorade and was able to cool off after the round with the ice cube sheet I had in the bag keeping everything cold and after 3 hours in the saddlebag it had hardly melted. So I put it on my head to cool off before the ride home.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

First Softail Ride....

I haven't been playing much disc golf lately. With my recent back surgery and the excessive heat I'm not that interested in that.

What I am interested in is riding again.

The new bike has really gotten me excited about riding and going longer distances again. The Sportster is a great bike. It's fast & nimble but my body can't ride it for long rides. My last Skyline Drive ride by the end of the day my legs and hands were numb. I would normally go about 50 miles or so and have to take a break.

The Softail has changed all that. Today's ride was so comfortable. My legs did get a little tired but that was from the new riding position. I could have done 100 miles in a stretch easy.

I did have a close call today. At my first gas stop as I was getting ready to fill up the tank I stand the bike straight up as I lean over so I can see the fuel going in the tank so I don't overfill. My left foot must have been on some oil because it slid out from under me and the bike started to go over. I dropped the gas nozzle and with everything I had pulled and strained the bike back up again. I have no idea how. But my foot that slid grabbed clean pavement at just the right spot before the point of not return. I would have fallen under it but it didn't come to that.

I stopped a Waugh's to pick up a lay down license plate frame and chrome dash extension. They were having a "Christmas in July" sale and every time I reach in the bag to get my discount I always get the 10% one.

I stopped at Blue Run Grocery just before Skyline and bet a couple of bikers and talked bikes & rides for a while.

It was another 90° degree day today but once I hit altitude I had to put my jacket on...


It was a great day for a mountain ride. I never get tired of riding Skyline.

The day was cooling off and I wasn't ready to head home after an all dat ride. I rode through the 'Burg and going past the train bridge I noticed the light and shadows would make a great pic.

I was the first long ride since the heart attack that I wasn't completely sore and worn out. It was a great day.