Friday, January 16, 2015

Let's Get This Shit Started...

Like every self destructive habit disc golf has that going for me. I really love playing it ever since I first started playing way back in good ol' 1986. It's one of the games I hate because I will never be any good at it.

I have never really been a good player. I'm ok and every now and then I have a great round but that's a rare event.

Surprisingly I was on track to play my best disc golf ever and then November 8, 2013 I had a heart attack walking up the hill on #4 Loriella. I finished the round before I ended up in the emergency room 3 days later. That summer I had to drop out of a couple of events because of being exhausted after the morning round. My clogged arteries were the culprit.

I really thought 2014 was going to be better. I was feeling good not getting tired and my stamina was up. But last year was a disappointing one at best. The more I practiced the more I sucked. I wasn't looking to become the next big thing. All I wanted was to just be competitive with my peers.

As usual I was on the brink of giving up all together. 

But it's 2015 and all I want to do is play Disc Golf....

What the Fuck is wrong with me?

Anyway I have the back yard set up and ready for daily practice sessions of 100 putts a day.

Lets get this shit started....

Friday, December 19, 2014

Latest Project.... iPhone app

My latest project is an attempt to create a Spotsy Disc Golf iPhone app. It would be a simple app that would have directions to Loriella and Pratt. Course maps and hole descriptions.

I downloaded X-Code and began to teach myself what I'm doing. It's going slow but slowly I'm pretty confident I can get it done. So far the overwhelming aspect is all the custom art files I need to create. Like app buttons, park maps and hole descriptions.

I did get the hole descriptions  for Loriella done....

The course map took me a while but it turned out pretty good....

Now all I have to do is figure out how to create the app pages so everything works. Stay tuned....

Monday, December 08, 2014

Santa's Little Helper....

I normally don't take commissions to dye custom art on discs. But I was contacted by someone who wanted to get 2 discs dyed for Christmas presents for her brother & father. One wasn't too complicated, a UNC Tarheel logo. The second one was inspired by my Calvin & Hobbes putter I did a while back. This one would be the pair under a starlit sky.

I decided to add some edge design shaving cream elements to surround the logo to kick it up a little.

It turned out Pretty good. The logo could have been centered a little better but overall it was a good 4 stage dye.

The Calvin & Hobbes dye would be much more difficult. The mask took a lot of time cutting all the star shapes that would be in the sky. The unknown was how to get a gradual fade from dark blue on the bottom to the black of the top.

What I ended up doing was holding the disc with the bottom edged in for the blue and rolling the disc along the bottom edge to get the dye darker on the bottom edge but also arch the top so it would just reach over Hobbes.

I reversed the process for black dye.

I finished up with the Calvin & Hobbes colors. It turned out very good considering I had never done any fades before this attempt. I forgot to take a pic of the bottom but what I did was take some Orcal vinyl and cut a solid mask along the bottom of the leading edge of the disc. The bottom is a clean white with a crisp separation line around the disc.

This will probably be the only time I take commissions to dye plastic. It's too nerve racking. The pressure to get it right because any mistakes or fuck ups and the disc is ruined. There is always some pressure on issues like that but when someone drops money for a service it bumps it up more than usual.

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Today was the Falls Colors at Newport News. Last year I was signed up to play Advanced Grandmasters but my heart attack kinda got in the way.

Since then I have decided that from now on I'm only going to play Recreational because my PDGA rating has dropped down to the 830 range. Two Weeks ago at the IFO I finished 8th out of 12. The first round was fine and was in 3rd place but the second round I had my usual bad play late and ended up 8th out of 12.

The Fall Colors is one of my favorite tournaments. But it's in Newport News which is 120 miles away. Is it worth it to drive 240 miles to play Rec? There were 24 in Rec and most players were rated around 825-860 except for a few unrated players. It's the unrated players that usually end up winning. Sometimes it's just a new players first event but they are usually pretty good players that if they were PDGA members would be rated too high to play Rec.

The morning round I started on 18. Despite the cold it wasn't too bad. I started off slow and before you know it I was 8 over and was looking to drop out after the round.  Hole 5 was a custom set up that sucked. It was a severe right hand dogleg in to tight woods. Throw a great drive to set up the up shot and end up with a 5 after missing an easy putt. Hole 6 I was able to hit a 30' turbo putt through the trees and promptly double bogeyed 7. I started cruising after 7 and threw some great drives that parked 11, 13 & 16 for easy birdies. It kind of saved the round from total disaster.

I ended up on the 3rd cars in 12th place. The leader shot 60 so being 6 back I figured I was probably out of the prizes. I was going to drop out and drive up to New Quarter park and play 18 before driving home. But was talked out of it.

The afternoon round started on 12. I was looking forward to this start figuring I could hit a few birdies early. I was still throwing great drives but this round they were just off enough to keep me out of putting range. But I got in to a groove and with 8 hole left was only 1 over. The hole 5 again. Great tee shot good up shot but a tree kicked me away and I ended up missing another putt. Hole 6 was just a disaster. I was getting tired and hit the first tree about 10' off the tee and my "Give a Fuck" meter hit 11. I went from 1 over to 6 over in three holes. I figured I was out of it. Uncharacteristically I was able to pull my shit together and finished with 2 straight birdie shot, finishing at 4 over. 

Over all it wasn't too bad of a tournament for me. Just a few mental errors. I had consistent tee shots and putts. My up shots let me down this time. 

I ended up in 10th place out of 24. The prizes were paying out up to 12th. I ended up winning a Crystal Buzzz.

As I expected the Rec winner was unrated and shot both rounds 900+. Out of the top 5 3 were unrated. 

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Disc Girl

I believe that the future of disc golf is women playing the sport. When I first started in the 80's there were never any women players. That has gradually changed. Spotsy has about 10 women that play and Newport News has a women's club.

The more women that play the more universal the appeal of the game and where women are more guys tend to show up.

I started cutting vinyl stickers of the club logo and other stuff and decided to design one for the ladies in the club.

That became Disc Girl....

It has become very popular among the Ladies DG circles. The cool part is I can customize them easily to personalize them.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Dyeing For Some New Discs....

It had been a while but I dyed the trophy discs for the Hawk Hollow Ams event. It's not hard at all but it got me back in to wanting to do some new dyes.

This time I wanted to do some multicolor dyes. I decided it was time for some new putters. I order 2 white star Darts. The first design was a Calvin & Hobbes cartoon I updated to a disc golf theme.

This one wasn't too hard to do. I used the shaving cream dye to paint the different colors. I was debating adding some grass & sky but I decided against that and it came out really clean.

The other putter I went with a more ambitious design. I found a stained glass Flying Spaghetti Monster and adapted it to fit a round design.

I started with heat dying the black lines then orange on the outer edge (I also dyed the underside orange too) and finished the heat dye with the yellow. Then I used shaving cream dye to do each different element. To try and keep it under control I would only peel off the mask of the color I was going to dye. Red for the meatballs & eyes. Then blue, followed by purple and finishing with green.

For the difficulty and challenge of the FSM dye it turned out a lot better than I could hope for. Only a few bleeds and the colors came out great.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ace Race Fun....

Went up to Hot Shots for my friend Jerry's Discraft Ace Race. Basically you get 2 prototype discs and throw ace runs at shortened holes. Whoever gets the most aces wins and metal hits are used as tie breakers.

The discs this year were fairly over stable for my arm. It took me the first 8 holes just to get the range in. I had several really close misses.We were not scoring any hits and then on hole 16 I threw a huge hyzer-bomb and it looked good. I wasn't going to say anything but the guys in my group were yelling for it to go in. The disc dropped straight down and hit the chains and stuck. The bonus was it was a CTP hole too, unless someone else aces that hole I at least will win something.

That put us all in a good mood and the others in my group started hitting metal.

The second round I was in 2nd place Mike had an Ace and 1 metal hit and I had 1 Ace. By the 8 hole I had scored 3 metal hits to take the lead on my card. But Scott scores 2 Aces and with about 10 holes to go my back tightened up and my gas tank was running on empty. I had several close calls but just couldn't score that 2nd Ace. On the last hole I threw another big hyzer-bomb and the disc hit about 24" from the pin and was able to win 2 of the 4 CTP's

Even though I didn't like this disc that much I did pretty good with it. It's kinda between an Avenger and Avenger SS. I'm not that big of fan of Discraft. Their molds just don't seem to fit my throwing style. I was a little disappointed I didn't win but I was competitive and did good.

On a bright note I did win the #31 Spotsy tag off of Jerry and he ended up with my #44.