Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bayville Bash IX

Last weekend was the Bayville Bash and this year I played in the Advanced Grandmasters division. The first day went pretty good. Because of the large number of players 4 extra holes were added to the course making it a 24 hole round.

The opening round of blue tees to the short baskets I was able to hang with the card. Four birdies and only 2 bogeys and no doubles was one of the best tournament rounds I have ever played.

The second round of the day was short tees to the long baskets. Not as many birdies. Only two and one double bogey. By the end of the round I was getting pretty tired. I missed two 10' birdie putts. Those 2 misses ended up putting me in 5th place with the longest round yet to go.

I was feeling pretty good in the morning. I was only  few strokes behind 4th and had a few strokes on all the players on the card. If I could keep it together and made up those strokes I would make it to the final top card round. But that was not the case. I let my glucose level get too low and blew up on the back side and took a 7 when I just gave up and threw a disc at the basket a few times. I wanted to quit. But I threw an angry hyzer bomb on the next hole and got my only birdie. I finished the round but it was dissapointing.

If I could have just kept it together that last round the 4th place guy posted an 88. I could have easily made it in to the finals card if I hadn't given up.

The good part of the weekend was Austin Pfaff winning the Open division against a good number of experienced Pros. He came from 6 strokes behind during the 3rd round to take a one stroke lead in to the finals. He was able to throw a great round to beat Schwebby by 2 strokes.

Ron Mattingly beat up on the Advanced Division and Cody Bradshaw took 3rd. Laura Clinton took 4th in Advanced women. I finished tied for 6th. But I wasn't last and even though it was a longer course with 16 more holes my scores were better than last year.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

2nd Annual LoCo Open

Spotsy team members take home six trophies including four 1st place titles.

Austin Pfaff sets 2 course records on his way to winning the Open title with a total of 100 (-23) 

The first round playing white tees to yellow baskets (short to short) he throws a 1046 rated round of 44 to take the lead. The afternoon round playing blue tees to purpled baskets (long to long) he backed that up with a 1050 rated round of 56 to win the open division by 4 strokes. Stephen Miller takes 2nd with a 104 (-19).

Spotsy players bringin' home the hardware (L-R) Chris Hysell, Austin Pfaff, Laura Clinton, Ron Mattingly, Stephen Miller, Cody Bradshaw and Jimmy Stanley.

In Advanced Ron Mattingly shoots a 116 (-7) to edge out Cody Bradshaw 117 (-8) for the win.

Chris Hysell wins the GrandMasters with 115 (-8) and Jimmy Stanley taks 3rd with 127 (+4).

Laura Clinton won the Women's Rec division with a score of 136 (+23)

In Intermediate Ryan Northcutt finished 5th with a score of 123 (+4). Seth McCurdy was right behind him at 124 (+5). 

I improved from my last year's scores of 71/79 -150 (+27). This year I finished 13th with a 61/71 - 132 (+13). A savings of 14 strokes.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Lost Another One...

Last week I was doing open field practice and I lost my Eddie "Killers" dye. This is the second one I have lost and this time in an open field. It wouldn't be so bad except they take about 12 hours to cut out.

But they look so sweet when they are done well...

Maybe I can hold on to this one a little longer.

I also did an easier dye on my newest addition to my bag. A Discraft Zombee with a Walter Heisenberg dye. With a little play on words...

I aslo did the last of my disc golf girl dyes for a women's club out in Washington state. It will be the 1st place prize for their league this year.

This makes an even 10 of these dyes done and that will be the last one.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's Been a Weird Sportster Year

It's the middle of June and I just renewed my tags for the Sporty. I still haven't had it on the road this Summer.

I am making progress. I renewed the tags online and will have the ramp to get it out repaired this weekend. Hope fully this Saturday I'll get motivated and get the seat ready and the bike on the lift so I can get the oil, primary and brake fluids changed.

She has about 5 pounds of dust on her from sitting around. It will probably take me 3 hours just to get the front wheel polished.

I guess I have been too busy playing Disc Golf tournaments on the weekend. Also the weather this Summer has been fairly wet with severe micro storms hitting every now and then.

I do want to have her ready by 4th of July week.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

2013 Battlefield Open

The Battlefield Open was held at the new private course in Richmond, The Village. It's a tough long wooded course.

I'm not going to do much of a play by play except that I started off on 9  hitting pars and before you know it you are 10, 15, 20 over par.

Ended up 10 behind the next guy in MG1 guaranteeing me last place. I could have just taken a nap for the second round and not done any worse. To top it all off (Which is not a big deal to me) my score was wrong and took a 2 stroke penalty. My scorecard was 78 just like the above card, But the TD said it should have been 77 so I ended up at 79. I still don't understand. If both cards had the same score where was the mistake?

But when you are 10 strokes back, what's 2 more piled on...

The second round went better. It was all the MG1 players and we play together a lot and we were having fun and joking around. But like before a start off ok and before you know it exploded scorecard.

The Battlefield Open Advanced Grand Masters (L-R) Larry Merril, Billy Seavey, Me and Jim Street.

Billy won his first MG1 event, Larry took 2nd, Jim finished 3rd and I took last, again.

To celebrate Billy's win he putted his birdie putt on the last hole blindfolded...

For all the scores...

2013 Battlefield Open