Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sporty Surprise...

This was the weekend I finally got off my ass and started getting the Sporty ready to ride. I took her outside to start her up after sitting for months...

The surprise came when I was cleaning the months of dust of the Sporty and came across this....

Some how two bolts that keep the drive belt pulley seem to have come loose and were ripped out on a ride.

After taking the wheel off I find even more disturbing things...

Two pulley bolts were already missing. When I take the pulley off the wheel two more bolts are broken leaving just one bolt holding the pulley in place. The pulley is damaged, the rear wheel is damaged and the swing arm in damaged.

I was lucky and found a complete replacement wheel, pulley, rotor & axle/bearing ready to mount on eBay for $150. Since I'm replacing the swing arm I'll be replacing all the parts with chrome ones.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

My Friend is a World Champ

This week my good friend and disc golf buddy Austin Pfaff traveled to Emporia, Kansas to the 2013 PDGA Amateur & Junior World Disc Golf Championships and came home the 19 & under Junior champ.

From the opening round until the final putt Austin was in control of his own destiny. He played exceptional golf the entire week never letting anyone challenge him for the win.

On the first day of competition he threw a 1026 rated 49 (-6) opening round at the par 55 Jones West DGC. He was tied for the lead with Omar Williams.

On day 2 of competition the morning round was at the par 55 Peter Pan course. Austin threw a 1014 rated round of 48 (-7). He took the lead at -12. That gave him a 5 stroke lead going in to the afternoon round. He then shot a 1000 rated 57 (-4) at the par 61 Emporia Country Club blue course. Austin finished day two increasing his lead by one at -16.

On day 3 Austin threw his fourth consecutive 1000+ rated round at the par 55 Peter Pan course. His 1032 rated 45 (-10) caught the attention of the PDGA calling the round "Stunning". His total of -27 increased his lead to 15 strokes.

Austin may have had a bad Egg McMuffin to begin day 4. His opening round at Jones East was his first under 1000. He shot a (-4) 56 rated at 991. Colten Montgomery made a run shooting 53 (-7) and went from 4th to 2nd. Going in to the afternoon round Austin was still leading at -31 and Colten -17 was still 14 strokes behind.

In the afternoon Jones East round he cam back to form shooting the low round of 53 (-7). The 1024 rated round moved him even farther out of reach with a 23 stroke lead at -38.

In the semi-final round he threw 1012 rated round scoring 48 (-7) taking him to -45 for the finals. 

The players for the final 9 were Austin Pfaff (-45), Colton Montgomery (-23), Jake Laubner (-16) and Jacob Files (-16). The final round was played at the Emporia Country Club and it was just a formality until Austin putted out the last hole to win the championship.

He fininshed up the great run of disc golf rounds with a 943 rated 29 to end with a total 385 (-45). Colten Montgomery finished 2nd at 406 (-24), Followed by Jake Lauber at 414 (-16) and Jacob Files at 416 (-14).

Austin scored a rating of 1000+ on five of the six full rounds with his highest rated round at 1032.

 Austin on the Champions podium

 Celebrating the win!

 Photos courtesy of Jenn DeVries

Friday, July 05, 2013

State of the Sporty

Summer is not going to last much longer and I have yet to get the Sporty up and running....

Many factors have contributed to this problem. Laziness, procrastination, (could be considered the same thing, but they are not) the monsoon summer we are having this year and the multiple weekends I have played a disc golf tournament.

Luckily there are no DG events the entire month of July. The plan is to get her on the lift this weekend and get the primary & engine oil changed, put the new tires on and all polished up so I can get her inspected.

There is still plenty of great riding days left including a fall ride up to Skyline.