Friday, May 29, 2015

Repurpose a Relic...

I had this MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) book and wall rack I saved from the dumpster at work. It was in the old darkroom and when we went to digital all the chemicals and materials were removed.

The damn thing was hanging in my room for about 10 years and I finally found a use for it...

I painted the back plate black and the wire rack orange and cut some custom graphic and I now have a wall mounted HD Service Manual rack. Hung it on the wall next to my new HD tool box.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Blue Skies Are the Best

When the high is going to be mid-70° range and there is not a cloud in the sky Im going to do something. I didn't feel like playing a round so I started up the bike and headed north. Before I knew it I was in Warrenton and was getting hungry so I stopped at Firehouse.

I continued north and ended up in Front Royal to hit Skyline from mile 0. There was a very long line of traffic at the gate but luckily I had my season pass and cut to the front of the line. The cool temps kicked in as I climbed up the mountain and took my first break at the top.

I can't get enough of Skyline on a day like today. The weather was perfection and Spring was in full green mode.

Considering the line at the entrance the actual traffic was not bad at all. The only problem was tourists stopping at a sharp curve to photograph a couple of bears. Which I have no problem with but don't stop in the middle of the road on a blind curve. It tends to be dangerous on a busy day.

Another reason I love Skyline so much....

I rode from mile 0 at Front Royal down to the 33 interchange at mile 64. I ended up riding about 225 miles today. I held up pretty good. I didn't get and kinks until I got back in to the 'Burg.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tool Box is Done...

The great tool box reorganization is complete. Got a lot of great deals capped off with the Craftsman 4 drawer roller box for $55 after sale prices and discounts. All I had to do was cut some custom graphics and I have a Harley Davidson tool box.

I think I have the wrench situation under control. I still have another complete set of box ends in my other tool box. The chrome short wrench set was sent by mistake instead of the 7mm wrench I ordered but I'll learn to deal with it.

Top compartment, ratchet box ends, orange drawer polished chrome extended box ends and the bottom drawer has the short chrome box ends and regular box ends. (Metric & Standard)

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Afternoon Ride....

Clear blue skies was all I needed to hit the road and get some miles in. Rode north to check out Quantico Harley Davidson since they changed ownership and checked out the new bikes. I'm pretty sure that a new Softail Classic is going to be my next ride.

On the way home I stopped by the National Marine Museum. It's one of the best museums around.