Saturday, February 22, 2014

Betty Queen Open

My first event of 2014 was at the 9 hole Betty Queen DGC. The format was 2 rounds of 18. Each round was first 9 from the short tees and second 9 from the longs.

Tee shot on 1 short

The morning round started out good. I birdied a few of the first 9 and was holding below 60 with 3 holes to go. That's when everything went to shit. By the time it was over I scored 71. It was partly my fault after the second bad hole my "Give a Fuck" meter was red lining.

During the break we ate some delicious soups for the BQO Soup Contest.

The second round went much better. I was surprised I did as well as I did. Mike kept trying to cheer me up with encouragements but I really wasn't in the mood. Before it was over I had the best score on the card. It was the first time I had a better score than Jeff during an event.

Those last three holes of the first round really cost me big. I could have possibly won my division if I had kept my shit together. But I did improve my score by 12 strokes on the second round.

And I did tie for the best soup with my Papaw's Butter Bean & Ham soup recipe.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Had Some Fun This Morning...

I discussed religion with 2 Jehovah Witnesses Mike and Tom....

Tom's opening remark..."Do you believe that with the events in the world that the end is coming?"

I respond... "Actually as an Atheist I believe that in the future man will over come their religious beliefs and difference that have caused just about every war in human history."

What followed was a 30 minute attempt by me to get them to denounce God. 

I almost got them when they started their "God has a plan". I rebutted with "If God has a plan then your argument of Free Will is null and void." 

That's when they started looking for a way to end the visit. But they were friendly and nice and I think I challenged them. Especially when I remarked. "Maybe there is a God and his plan was to bring you to me so I could test your faith. Maybe God's plan was to make me an Atheist."

You could see them thinking about that one for a moment.

I scared them the most when I argued...

Why would you pray to a God for help with a problem when it was that God that gave you the problem in the first place? If God is responsible for all the good in the world then he is equally responsible for all the pain & suffering too. Because he is all powerful & knowing.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Spotsy SuperDubs

Ian Liddell and Stephen Miller of team "Underdog" are the Spotsy Super Dubs Champs.

Shooting a 44 at Pratt in the morning and a hot afternoon round of 48 at Loriella Long to Long course earned them the win.

Team Underdog - Ian & Stephen

While I was taking some pics I was able to set up the GoPro and get some video too.