Saturday, April 25, 2009

Backroads Tour

Mid-90's today and we went on a tour of the local backroads through Warrenton, Culpeper, Orange & Thornburg. The big disappointment of the day was I finally get R.D. to The Stable for a great sandwich & big surprise it was closed. 

I was all ready for a great "Robert E. Lee". That sucked.

But it was a great day and a great ride.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's a Good Day to Ride...


Ken & I took advantage of the perfect weather to enjoy our favorite ride. What else, but Skyline Drive. 

The only snag was having to bleed Ken's rear brake in Front Royal.

The payoff was lunch at The Stable in Culpeper. An added bonus was a free appetizer of BBQ that the owner was giving out to get an opinion. It was the perfect blend of Memphis & Virginia styles. The pulled pork & their delicious cole slaw and I will have a hard time on what to order next time.

Check out the video of today's ride. I'm still learning how to edit the sound.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Ride through the 'Burg (video)

I didn't feel like sitting in my room watching TV waiting to go to work. The weather was great and I feel like ridin'. I figured I'd get some practice with my GoPro. So here's a little video of River Rd. and Downtown Fredericksburg.

The video has no sound this time. I'm still learning and for some reason when the camera is mounted on the bars or near the motor the vibration makes a loud annoying sound.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

GoPro Video Camera

So I bought a GoPro Motorsports Wide video camera. It arrived last Friday and had the opportunity to use it the next day. Right out of the box it worked great.

I did learn that if you mount it to the handle bars the camera rattles inside the protective case. I had to make a wrap for the camera from an old fleece jacket to fix that problem.

The files worked fine in iMovie and it took about an hour to edit the raw video down to about 15 minutes.

Near the end of the video is when the wild grouse flew right at my face. I ducked just in time and the tail feathers brushed my helmet visor.

I'm really going to have some fun with this, I can't wait for the Dragon Run in June.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Good Day, Bad Day

R.D., Andy & I went out for a great ride through the backroad twisties around Manassas & Stafford. Had a great lunch and the weather was perfect.

The bad part. Stopped to fill-up and on the way to Andy's start smelling a strong odor of gas. I look down and no cap, gas flowing down the tank and all over me.

Luckily Whitt's HD was open today and was able to get a new cap.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Met another XLF'er today

Met up with Kristin from N.J. (near Philly) Although I slept through my alarm I managed to get there not too late.

I took her on a tour of some good Virgina back roads. VA 688 through Orlean & Hume was a great ride. 

There was even enough daylight to ride a few mile on Skyline Drive to get some mountain views.

The exciting part of the ride was dodging a wild Grouse that flew right at me. I ducked just enough the tail feathers just brushed my visor.