Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sunday Ride...

The last few weeks have been kinda crazy. 

I took a week of vacation to The Grand Canyon. My job that I have been at for more than 15 years was eliminated. Instead of unemployment I was transferred to a different job. It's a great new job, different but very important and my new bosses are excited to have me. I also get to keep my job, benefits and now I am getting overtime for the first time in years. 

I finally got a day off to go for a ride and rain was predicted in the afternoon. I decided to head to Orange and visit Stonewall HD. It's about 50 miles there so that would make 100 miles for the day.

It was partly sunny and a good ride down but you could see the rain coming up from the south. So after a break relaxing on the front porch I headed back home. As I hit the driveway the first rain drop hit my arm so that worked out well.

The strange part of the day....

Four women had to touch my beard today. The nice lady behind the motorclothes counter at the dealership. The waitress where I had lunch. A lady at the next gas pump at Sheetz on 20 & Rt 3 and my sister's friend Vonda when I made it home.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Sedona, Arizona - The Grand Canyon

I finally got a week off to take a family vacation to Sedona, Arizona to see the Grand Canyon. What a beautiful city, Sedona. If I had found this town in my 20's I never would have left it. I might just have to move there when I retire.

We started our adventure with the Pink Jeep Tours and visited the Coconina National Park.

Ancient pictographs at the Honki Heritage Site.


Our trip to the Grand Canyon was also great.

We also went to Slide Rock Park

Amanda & I went on a few hiking trails

I even found time to play a couple rounds. I packed a few discs in my luggage just in case I got the chance to play. I was lucky enough that when ever I showed up to play there were locals just starting and I was able to join up with them. 

I didn't play that bad either...

The gas station next to Verde Valley entrance sold discs and had a portable basket in one of the garage bays.