Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Doin' a dye, dye, dye & dye...

I did a a Disc Golf Girl dye for a friend a few months ago and I posted a pic of it and a friend down Newport News way wanted me to do a dye like it for her. It seemed to be a super popular design with the ladies.

So I put forth the proposition on a women's disc golf FB page:

If you send me a champion disc and a self addressed postage paid envelope for the return I would do 5 dyes for the first five that asked.

Needles to say the response was quick.

All together I ended up doing seven dyes.

Here's the interesting part of my story...

I met these women randomly on a women's disc golf Facebook page. I finished the dyes going to the girls that live in Orlando, Florida. I grew up in Orlando, worked at Disney for about 15 years and moved to Virginia in 2000. I looked at the address on the return postage mailer she sent me with the discs and she lives about 200 yards down the same street I grew up in. Seeing that address kinda freaked me out a little. Next time I visit there I'll have to look them up to play a round.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Facebook is Making my World a Little Smaller...

I fished this disc out of the canals at Gordon Bennett Park when I lived in Orlando around '91-'92 (maybe). And since there was no number I could never find the owner. I kept in in my car for years hoping to run in to Sandy. Kept it with me all through college and retired it a few yeas ago when I started playing again. (I didn't want to crack it)

I met Sandy the other night here on the DiscGolf4Women Facebook page and told her I had the disc and she told me to keep it.

It's Been A While...

I haven't dyed anything for a while and I just bought me a 137 Champion Blizzard Vulcan. Everyone that dyes a Vulcan always puts Spock on it. I wasn't going that direction.

Since I'm a Pastafarian I decided it was time to dedicate a disc to the Noodly One Himself.