Saturday, January 26, 2013

Winter Round

The Spotsy Super Doubles is next week so I went out today to get some practice in. It was cool and overcast but not too cold. The snow had pretty much melted and was not too big an issue. Except on the tee pads, the snow made them super slick.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Disc Golf & Chili...

The Loriella Charity Disc Golf & Chili Cook-Off was a great success. Forty DG'ers from as far away as Maryland. NOVA, Richmond, Newport News & North Carolina. We collected about 150 cans of food and $200 for the Rappahannock Area Food Bank.

The forecast was supposed to be clouds & sun with it reaching about 65°. In reality a thick fog settled in on the area and kept it cold and damp all day long. But it didn't matter. For the first time #12 was an Island Hole. A 40' circle surrounded #12 basket and if you didn't make it in you were teeing off a second shot at 3. If you miss the second tee shot you had to go to the drop zone just outside the island for a 6. Miss that shot & you're putting for a 7. So 12 could be a disaster.

The morning round I was playing great. I was hitting the fairways not getting in to trouble. I didn't throw one bad shot off the tee pad and didn't make any stupid mistakes.  My putter was on target and I was hitting 30' - 40' putts easily.

On hole 12 I threw a straight champ sidewinder (Pictured Here) right at the basket for an easy drop in birdie. I finished the round at 56 (+2). My best Loriella round in a tournament.

The afternoon round didn't go as well. My drives and upshots were fine but I proceeded to 2 & 3 putt just about every hole. Nothing sucks worse than driving a tee shot 20' from the basket and ending up scoring a bogey because I all of a sudden can't hit a putt.

I ended up exploding with a 70 (+16). About 10 of those strokes were extra putts after misses. It was so bad it was beginning to get funny. The other guys on the card couldn't believe I was missing so bad on just about every putt over 20'.

But it was a fun day and I was able to hold on for 5th. I would have finished second if I had just been able to hit my putts. I guess I just got too tired that second round.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Blast From My Past

1991 I designed my first hot stamp. I designed a Florida Disc Golf Association for Bob Lewis. I was FDGA member #86. I don't remember how many were made but before I could get one they were all sold out. Which really bummed me.

I did get a few of the minis and saved them in my collection.

Fast forward 22 years...

When the Maryland vs. Virginia Ice Bowl was over there was a bin of old plastic for sale and one of the first discs I pick up is a never thrown DX Aviar putter with my design on it. I made this design on a MAC IIsi with Illustrator 1.0. Now I have a disc to go with my mini for my collection.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Maryland vs Virginia Ice Bowl Battle IV

Got a ride up with some Spotsy DG club friends to Seneca Creek State Park in Gaithersburg, MD for day one of the Maryland vs Virginia Ice Bowl Battle IV.

I did ok, Finished middle of the pack for my group. If I had not started off so badly I might have made top 5. But I had fun and played a new course. We raised $1,750.00 for the local food bank.

Tomorrow is Day two at Giles Run DGC in Lorton, Va. I'm going to have to skip it though.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

New Putter Dye...

It's been a while since I have dyed any new plastic. I got some new Star Dart putters. I wanted to stay with Keep Calm theme but make it different.

This is what I came up with...

Nothing is more aggravating than putting low and hitting the basket. Especially when it's a birdie putt.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Great Way to Start the Year

Austin and I traveled south to Richmond and teamed up to play the Hangover Dubs Tournament. at Gillies Creek Park.

The morning round we both played good. I was even able to contribute 3 solid tee shots for birdies. We  had no bogeys and were both hitting our putts. I even hit a high sweeping hyzer putt from about 45' to save the birdie.

We ended up at 9 under par. One stroke ahead of the second place team, Allen & Patrick.

The second round didn't go as well in the beginning. We weren't hitting our drives as well and had to make a couple of long putts to either get the birdie or save par. We did have a couple of missteps. On 18 we both gacked our tee shots but Austin made an amazing shot out of the woods to save par. By the middle of the round we were 2 shots behind. Allen & Patrick were really hitting some shots. If one missed the drive the other ended up parking his tee shot for the deuce.

We slowly battled back and with two holes left we were one behind for the round and tied for the lead. On the last hole I throw a low straight shot that skips up about 12' short of the basket. Austin go for the chains and over shoots. The other team's best shot was about 20' behind the basket on a slight uphill grade. They had been making some great putts all day and all they had to do was hit this one to stay tied for the lead. First putt misses wide and the second putt hits the basket. I hit the birdie to tie the round at -6 and a one stroke win finishing at 15 under.

Allen & Patrick played great all day. They were right there all day long and were a fun team to play against.

We won some sweet Prodiscus discs and custom engraved beer glasses. For the first time playing this course I played way above my usual self and hit several great tee shots and long putts.