Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blue Skies...

I rode about 150 miles yesterday around the Colonial Beach area. Some nice roads but the scenery kinda sucked.

Today had clear deep blue skies so where else but Skyline. It may be a broken record but I really do love riding that road.

I started from the Ruckersville entrance and headed north to Front Royal. I stopped to fill up and instead of heading back through Orlean I rode Skyline back down to the Sperryville interchange and rode 522 back to Culpeper and then back home to the 'Burg.

All told it was about 250 miles.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

All 105 Miles Today...

Weather was cooler so I went out for an all day'er.

Rode up to Front Royal and took Skyline (again) all the way down to the end then back home. Lots of bikes out there today and the traffic was light. The Loft Mountain section I was all but alone. I met a couple of guys from Frederick, Maryland that were headed home the slow way. All the way up the Blue Ridge Parkway & Skyline.

Today's ride was about 325 miles today.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Where to go...

Woke up this morning and hit the road. I figured what the Hell and hit Skyline Drive. As I headed west I left the sunny skies over the 'Burg and rolled in to heavy cloud cover.

By the time I got to the drive the clouds were covering the road and the temp dropped down to about 70. Heavy fog and mist made it even cooler. Saw a black bear take a dump on the side of the road and about 10 deer walk past me on a break.

But it was a great ride. That's the great thing about Skyline. Every time is different.

I guess it is true...

Bears do shit in the woods.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Ken & Jose make today's ride

Ken & Jose made today's ride on Skyline. It's the first time for Jose since coming back from being stationed in Saudi Arabia. Even though he traded in the Sporty for an EG Classic we decided to let him tag along.

Some riders get bored with Skyline but I never get tired of such an easy going ride through some of the most scenic roads in Virginia.