Saturday, April 21, 2012

Deal of the Day...

On the way to work I stopped by the local Play It Again Sports to look for any deals on used plastic. THe rack was empty, not a single disc. But on the floor was a brand new unopened Innova Discatcher Sport.

I ask the sales guy, "How much?" $75, I'll take it.....

Looks good in my back yard...

Saturday, April 14, 2012

First Ride of the Year

This weekend is the 35th Virginia State Frisbee Tournament. Yesterday I played the Carl's Open Charity tourney and watched the Double Disc Court competition. DDC is like frisbee tennis. One of my favorite disc games but.

Today was such a sweet day I had to go for a ride today so I headed east to ride Skyline. It was a little windy on the way home but still a great day.

Tomorrow the final round of Disc Golf and the finals of Accuracy, Maximum Time Aloft & Distance.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Change of Plans...

Today was just about perfect. Cool temps & a sky so blue I just stared at it every now & then. My plan was to ride to Staunton & play Kiwanis DGC and then ride Skyline. But the ride home from work last night was just too cold.

Jeff posted up that he needed help putting in some new pin positions on Loriella DGC today. So the plan changed. I strapped my new DG backpack to the Sporty and hit some Spotsy backroads. Stopped by Checkers for a Champ burger for lunch and then headed over to Loriella.

Austin, Jeff & I put in some real tough extra pin positions on holes 6, 7, 8 & 11. These will break your heart when you play them.

Afterwards we played a round for club tags and as usual I finished last.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Retro DG Post: Hawk Hollow Open

The Pros had a weekend at Hawk Hollow. This was one of my better days shooting DG. The Am weekend gave me an idea for better angles. I also shot my best DG photo yet. The link photo will be submitted to Innova with a couple more for the calendar this fall. (I shot it a week after this years deadline)

Click on the pic for the slide show.

The Story behind the image:

My process for this image was in my head and I had to practice it a lot in my back yard since I would not be looking through the viewfinder.

I used a Nikon D2x with a 10.5mm lens. I mounted the camera on a 4-foot scissors tripod with a remote trigger. The camera was set at 5000th shutter and f4.5. I wanted to get as much depth of field as I could with a shutter speed high enough to stop the disc in flight. I placed the camera about 6 feet in front of the end of the tee. I covered the camera with a towel to hide it and muffle the sound a little.

When a group of players arrived, I would fire off a couple of frames to make sure the noise of the camera would not distract. I had to stand off to the side so I would not be in the frame or in the view of the player. When the player began his throw I would press the remote trigger and began firing off frames until the disc was down range. I averaged about 30-40 frames per player. Out of the 30 or so players that I shot this way, only about 10 had the disc in the frame coming off the throw. Of those I was only able to get two that were good. Tom’s throw was the reason behind this image looking so good. His chicken-wing style threw the disc down the middle of the frame combined with my timing on his throw to get a great disc golf image.


Monday, April 02, 2012

Hawk Hollow AM Open

Last October the Hawk Hollow Open has an event for the Ams and Pros. This was the weekend for the Ams to play. I really do like shooting DG here. The course is situated so that about 5 holes converge on one area. So I can get a lot of players without having to roam around.

Click on the pic to see the slide show.


Sunday, April 01, 2012

Blockhouse Montly

I made it to the Blockhouse Monthly. My goal was to "not finish last". I was able to meet that goal. I didn't play too bad except for the multiple 3 & 4 putts from less than 15'. Anyway I didn't finish last...

My next goal is to finish middle of the pack.