Monday, February 10, 2014

Had Some Fun This Morning...

I discussed religion with 2 Jehovah Witnesses Mike and Tom....

Tom's opening remark..."Do you believe that with the events in the world that the end is coming?"

I respond... "Actually as an Atheist I believe that in the future man will over come their religious beliefs and difference that have caused just about every war in human history."

What followed was a 30 minute attempt by me to get them to denounce God. 

I almost got them when they started their "God has a plan". I rebutted with "If God has a plan then your argument of Free Will is null and void." 

That's when they started looking for a way to end the visit. But they were friendly and nice and I think I challenged them. Especially when I remarked. "Maybe there is a God and his plan was to bring you to me so I could test your faith. Maybe God's plan was to make me an Atheist."

You could see them thinking about that one for a moment.

I scared them the most when I argued...

Why would you pray to a God for help with a problem when it was that God that gave you the problem in the first place? If God is responsible for all the good in the world then he is equally responsible for all the pain & suffering too. Because he is all powerful & knowing.

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