Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bayville Bash IX

Last weekend was the Bayville Bash and this year I played in the Advanced Grandmasters division. The first day went pretty good. Because of the large number of players 4 extra holes were added to the course making it a 24 hole round.

The opening round of blue tees to the short baskets I was able to hang with the card. Four birdies and only 2 bogeys and no doubles was one of the best tournament rounds I have ever played.

The second round of the day was short tees to the long baskets. Not as many birdies. Only two and one double bogey. By the end of the round I was getting pretty tired. I missed two 10' birdie putts. Those 2 misses ended up putting me in 5th place with the longest round yet to go.

I was feeling pretty good in the morning. I was only  few strokes behind 4th and had a few strokes on all the players on the card. If I could keep it together and made up those strokes I would make it to the final top card round. But that was not the case. I let my glucose level get too low and blew up on the back side and took a 7 when I just gave up and threw a disc at the basket a few times. I wanted to quit. But I threw an angry hyzer bomb on the next hole and got my only birdie. I finished the round but it was dissapointing.

If I could have just kept it together that last round the 4th place guy posted an 88. I could have easily made it in to the finals card if I hadn't given up.

The good part of the weekend was Austin Pfaff winning the Open division against a good number of experienced Pros. He came from 6 strokes behind during the 3rd round to take a one stroke lead in to the finals. He was able to throw a great round to beat Schwebby by 2 strokes.

Ron Mattingly beat up on the Advanced Division and Cody Bradshaw took 3rd. Laura Clinton took 4th in Advanced women. I finished tied for 6th. But I wasn't last and even though it was a longer course with 16 more holes my scores were better than last year.

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