Tuesday, July 17, 2012

First rounds at the Worlds

it's been a long and sometimes frustrating week. I got a lot of great pics of my friends and pissed off a few top pros.

Chris on 18 at Nevin.

Two off my friends were playing on Open Masters and Ken Climo showed up and they forgot he was playing Masters and not Open Pro and didn't have a card. So they put him on the first card with my friend.

On hole 7 Climo complains on the tee pad that I'm too close and in his line of sight. My friend tells him if he motions at me I'll move out of the way. But he doesn't so I don't move from my spot and The Champ sends one down the right side in to the woods. Then a course marshall tells me that Kenny said not to take his picture and stay out of his line of sight.

It bums me a little because I wasn't there to shoot Kenny but to get some good pics of my friend. Kenny was just a bonus.but I walk away and shoot other groups.

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