Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Backpack

My current Cabella's backpack is in good shape I decided it was time to get a backpack that was specifically designed for disc golf.

I ended up getting a Grip EQ large backpack in all black.

The first thing I had to do was put some patches on it to customize it a little.

The patch with my name I had made at a local embroidery shop. The black & grey flag patch was chosen to fit in with the all black bag.

I had to put my Towlie patch on the towel pocket...

The Grip bag seems to be very well made. Instead of PVC tubing to frame the bag sheets of rigid plastic are built in to the bag to keep it's shape. the back of the bag forms to your back making it a very easy back pack to wear.

It is a very comfortable backpack. I have about 18 discs in the main compartment and there is room for a few more. The putter pocket up top has room for a few discs and the side pockets have plenty of space. The front storage pocket has just enough room for my keys (there is a clip for them) my glucose meter & wallet.

I'm keeping my Cabella's back pack as a back-up (that bag is a great economical alternative to the Grip bag)

 The Grip will be my primary backpack now. I highly recommend this backpack to anyone who is looking for a top of the line disc golf backpack.


P.J. said...

Where's that Rattling Chains tag?? :D

Kevin said...

P.J.- Look at the last pic on the right side you can see the RC tag.