Saturday, November 02, 2013

New DG Hobby... Para Cord

Since I haven't been dyeing any plastic lately I needed a new disc golf related hobby I could do to kill some time at work when it's slow.

I found one. Making para cord zipper pulls for my DG Backpack zipper tabs. It's pretty easy to do after you Google search it. There are several videos out there.

I made a set of reflective orange for my backpack and then Jim Street wanted a set of black & green for his bag and when he bought his new Grip backpack he asked for a set of black & white.

After a few sets of zipper pulls I started making Birdie Beads. Basically it's a score keeping counter. (super low tech) Every time you make a birdie you pull down one color bead and when you bogey you pull down the other color for every stroke over or under par. Score par for the hole and the beads stay the same. When the round is over subtract the smaller number of beads from the larger and you have the number of strokes over or under par. If there is the same number of both colors you just shot a par round.

My first attempt was a Florida Gator strand...

Instead of attaching it to a zipper pull I decided to sew it on to the side of my backpack...

This has become a fun way to make some cool stuff. I made this set inspired for a Spotsy club member.

Maybe I'll give it to a member that wins a tournament. So go out there and buy some para cord and beads and start having some fun.

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