Monday, April 21, 2014

Building a Course...

A few weeks ago in a bored spell at work I wrote a random e-mail to the Wilderness Presidential Resort about the possibility of expanding their disc golf course. Wilderness is a private camping complex that happens to have a 9-hole course.

My intentions were to ask if they would be interested in expanding and improving their disc golf course and opening it up for a pay to play course. I had heard that the course was open only to members of the resort so I expected no response to my initial inquiry.

Surprisingly within a few days I received a reply that they were interested my idea and wanted me to come look at what they have and the potential for building a championship course. I put the word out and John Biscoe contacted me that he was very interested in meeting with the Wilderness person that contacted me. It was a very good meeting and they seemed very interested in the idea of building a championship course that would be open for non-members to pay to play.

Today John & I went out to Wilderness to see what they had and the potential for building a new course.

Their 9-hole course is situated on an open area of changing elevation on a beautiful lake. We played the course that was there it was simple & fun built for people who have never played before. But it wasn't a bad set up and there is a lot of possibilities to expand and improve the course. Including a small island about 50' off the shore of the lake that would make a really cool signature hole.

I've never built a course and John seemed very interested in taking on this project. I am just looking to assist John any way I can to learn as much as I can. It's in the very early stages and the next objective is to get a map of the land available and come up with a rough idea of the possible layout of 18 holes.

Updates will come...

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