Friday, January 16, 2015

Let's Get This Shit Started...

Like every self destructive habit disc golf has that going for me. I really love playing it ever since I first started playing way back in good ol' 1986. It's one of the games I hate because I will never be any good at it.

I have never really been a good player. I'm ok and every now and then I have a great round but that's a rare event.

Surprisingly I was on track to play my best disc golf ever and then November 8, 2013 I had a heart attack walking up the hill on #4 Loriella. I finished the round before I ended up in the emergency room 3 days later. That summer I had to drop out of a couple of events because of being exhausted after the morning round. My clogged arteries were the culprit.

I really thought 2014 was going to be better. I was feeling good not getting tired and my stamina was up. But last year was a disappointing one at best. The more I practiced the more I sucked. I wasn't looking to become the next big thing. All I wanted was to just be competitive with my peers.

As usual I was on the brink of giving up all together. 

But it's 2015 and all I want to do is play Disc Golf....

What the Fuck is wrong with me?

Anyway I have the back yard set up and ready for daily practice sessions of 100 putts a day.

Lets get this shit started....

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