Sunday, June 05, 2005

A wrong turn makes the day.

Watching the weather updates it was supposed to rain all day, but this morning it's sunnt & warm. The bike is out and warming up and as I head out I decide to try to find my sister's place.

I start out alright but one wrong turn put me on a great winding country back road with little traffic and plenty of tree covered miles. It was a warm day but going about 35 feels like the AC set to the perfect temp. Then heading in to a covered road with tall trees on both sides the temp drops and a cool rush of air hits. It couldn't be better.

I figure I'm not going to find my sister's so I just keep riding see where I end up.

I started the ride with a full tank and came out to a spot I recognized, 75 miles and 3 hours later about 20 miles outside of town. Cruised down to one of my favorite stops and had a great lunch.

The day couldn't have been better got lost without really being lost, had a great ride and a better lunch.

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