Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy Birthday America!

I celebrated the July 4th weekend by exploring the Northern Virginia countryside. Putting over 700 miles in 3 days.

My Sunday excursion took me through Culpeper and as I was looking for a place to stop for a rest I came across a park. It couldn'thave been more american. Flags everywhere, red, white & blue bunting draped all over. A little league game playing and famlies enjoying a great day.

So I park my bike and go sit down to watch some of the game and a lady asks if one of the kids playing is mine. I tell her I was stopping for a rest. She asks me if I'm hungry, the next thing I know I'm at a grill getting a couple of hot dogs and a burger with all the fixin's and a glass of the sweetest iced tea I've had in years.

It couldn't have turned out to be a better day. Not a cloud in the sky, the traffic was light I was in the middle of a long ride on my bike & I'm watching a little league game eating a hot dog.

Could it get any more Ameican that this?

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