Sunday, February 21, 2010

Had to ride today

Yesterday was a day of shoveling the rest of the snow off the driveway I decided to reward myself with a ride around town.

It was a sunny & warm day for a ride, keeping an eye out for sand on the roads left over from all the snow.

I stopped at Smokey Bones for some BBQ baby back ribs.

So I finished a great lunch and as I'm getting ready to leave a passing waiter with a try full of water glassed loses it and a full glass of ice water dumps in to my helmet that was sitting upside down on a chair next to me.

I may have blurted out "Fuck" & "Cock Sucker" really loud at first but it was such a one in a million shot it was kinda funny. (I may have offended a few after church patrons) After the initial outburst I calmed down quickly and started laughing a little. It was a bolt out of the blue to remind that shit happens sometimes.

The staff was really cool about it. They quickly brought out a lot of towels so I could dry out the inside of my helmet. I had already paid for my meal but the manager insisted I get a refund. (I was adamant about wanting to pay. The meal & service was great) I did make sure the waiter got his full tip.

I also received a $25 gift card for for it all which was a total surprise.

Sometimes a little disaster works out just fine.

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