Saturday, March 05, 2011

Operation Shirt Swap...

Another XLF T-shirt swap is underway. This time I'm trading with John Mcgregor of New South Wales, Australia.

This is what makes being a part of the XL Fourm so great. Not only have I gone on rides with members from all over the U.S. I get to meet Sporty riders from all over the world and trade shirts & make friends with other Sporty riders.

I was supposed to meet Ken for the ride down to Waugh's but we got our signals crossed and missed out.

All I have to do is drop it in the mail...

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Danielle Boenisch said...

My name is Danielle Boenisch and I am with AIRHAWK. If you're ever at a bike rally that we're at stop by our booth and we'll give you one of our "Save Your Ass" t-shirts. Your seat looks great.

Danielle Boenisch
eMarketing Assistant