Saturday, June 04, 2011

A great day for Disc Golf & ridin...

Today was perfection in the making. A cold front came through and temps had dropped from the high 90's to mid- 80's. The sky was blue and is was time to finally hit Skyline Drive.

I usually hit Skyline a few time by now but with all the rain & other rides I haven't been able to ride there. But today changed all that.

And then some.

I strapped the bag 'o golf discs to the back of the Sporty and headed to Strasburg, Virginia to play Signal View Disc Golf Course. This works perfectly for the plan because it will be just a few miles west of Front Royal & Skyline Drive.

Signal View DGC was a great course and after playing I headed out to hit the drive.

Skyline was in perfect form today. I bought my season pass today and the traffic was good today. There were several sections where I didn't see a car for many miles. The AC was on at just the right temp all along the ride through the mountains.

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