Saturday, July 09, 2011

Another Great Ride...

I woke up a little late today but it was such a perfect day I had to get out for a ride. As usual I ended up on Skyline. The weather up there was perfection and traffic was light.

The only problem today was dodging the wildlife. Heading out of the neighborhood I had to stop and ad move a box turtle in the middle of the road. Crusing at 60mph on 22 past Warrenton a ground hog the size of a spaniel crossed the road in front of me. I narrowly missed it. If I had hit that it would have wrecked me for sure.

On Skyline 3 deer jumped across the road in front of me, but I was doing only 30 so it was not a dangerous situation. Then on the last leg on Skyline a small little furry animal scooted across the road. I don't know what it was but it was pretty fast.

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