Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Good Day, A Bad Day...

Ken, Mike & I headed to Skyline for the day. For every good thing that happened we seemed to have to endure something bad. The forecast called for mostly sunny and a high around 65. But this morning was overcast and bone chilling cold.

So, on the way to SR 55 we stopped at a Sports Authority to buy an extra sweat shirt and some insulated under gloves. So the stop was just right and the extra gear warmed us right up.

Passing through Haymarket the main road to the SR 55 interchange is blocked for some Fall Festival. No detour direction signs. Just cops sitting in patrol cars that won't give any directions. We had to go a few miles around to get to the interchange that was 100 yards from the blocked road signs.

We get to Front Royal and plan on stopping at the Apple Cider Inn for lunch but it was packed. We then stop at 3B Burgers around the corner. It's a mom & pop burger joint that was very good. As we are eating the road to Skyline is backed up a lot.

We figured it was just heavy traffic.

Around the bend to the entrance of Skyline is backed up about 100 cars and the traffic was heavy all the way to the entrance gates. The Rangers were just waving cars through not charging any visitors just to try and get the traffic moving again. But the clouds broke at this time and the sun came out and warmed up the day a little.

On Skyline it was slow going at the overlooks and very crowded. It wasn't all bad we hit some stretches of good moving traffic and was able to make it to the Sperryville exit with time to spare.

We topped the day off with a stop in Cupleper for a stop at The Stable. We had met a a group of riders from D.C. at 3B's that was planning a ride south like us and I told them about The Stable since they were going through Culpeper too.

We saw them several times along Skyline and as we were heading in for dinner they were across the street checking out some of the other Downtown Culpeper shops.

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