Saturday, August 04, 2012

Good & Bad day of DG

Austing & I traveled to Ruckersville to play Green County DGC.

The front 9 were fine. The holes were straightforward and not too tough.

Then came #10...

It's a straight downhill shot and the basket is across a little stream at the bottom. It doesn't seem tight woods but the thick briars on both sides you don't want to wander far from the fairway.

Austin steps up and throws a brand new neon green TeeBird and it goes hard left in to the thick stuff. We know this one's going to be tough to find.

Then I step up with my 150 Champion Leopard. My first disc dye with Eddie The Head on it. My favorite straight shot woods disc.

I throw a snappy straight shot down the middle right side.We both think are going to park by the basket. But it hits a tree and then drops straight down. It didn't kick left, it didn't kick right. It shot straight down. I never took my eyes off it. I watched the flight. I watched the tree hit. I watched it shoot straight down and bounce at the base of the tree.

At no time did I worry that I wouldn't find this disc.

Austin goes left to begin the search for his disc and I just want to find mine so I can take my backpack off and help look for his. I get to the tree I hit and no orange disc to be found.

We look for these discs for about an hour and nada.

Eventually we gave up and continued on our round. Losing this disc really sucked. It's not a long distance driver for me. I never throw it over water.

All I can do is hope that whom ever finds it calls the number on it.

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