Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pretty Good Disc Golf Day

Today I drove up to Lancaster Park in Maryland for Jerry's Ace Race. An Ace Race is an event sponsored by Discraft. You get two proto type discs and the holes are shortened from 75'-200'. You don't keep score in a conventional way. You get one throw per hole and either you hit an Ace or any metal part of the basket. The player after two rounds with the most Aces or metal hits wins. Jerry set his event up a little different. Instead of two rounds each group will play each hole twice.

The disc this year were very good for me. They were very Leopard like and I throw Leopards all the time. So for about 30 minutes before the start time I go out and throw some practice shots and right off the bat I hit an Ace on hole #1.

My group started on #1 and my first throw I hit the chains solid but it doesn't stick. I have several close calls but I don't hit metal again until hole 9. My next good shot was on #12 when I hit the CTP. By this time I have 2 metal hits and Sean has 1 metal hit. So far no one has hit an Ace and only a few have hit metal.

We get to #17 and I throw a straight shot and it hits the middle of the basket about an inch too low. So now I have 3 metal hits and feeling pretty good. There are only a few holes left for everyone. Sean says as we walk back to #17 tee pad for our second throw "I'll have to hit an Ace to beat your 3 metal hits".

He steps up to the tee pad and immediately throws a straight shot hard in to the chains for an Ace.

So now my 3 metal hits have turned from probable lead to out of it with just 2 throws left on 18. Here's where the really strange happens. As we walk to 18 I'm looking back and see a disc hit #17 for an Ace from the group directly behind ours.

I miss my last 2 shots and Sean's 1 Ace & his 1 metal hit breaks the 1 Ace tie and he takes the win. I end up tied for third with 3 metal hits and win the CTP on #12.

After the lunch break Jerry had a "One & Done" round. This is where you pick 1 disc from your bag for the entire round. I chose my Champ Leopard and ended up 4th  in the Intermediate group cashing $9 and won $15 for Intermediate CTP.

It was a good day for me...

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