Sunday, March 24, 2013

2013 Virginia Team Invitational

This weekend was the VTI at Hawk Hollow. Two divisions, 12 teams and two days packed full of disc golf.

The teams in the Beef Division...
Seneca, Spotsy, Greenville, Lakefront, UniTTy and Triad

The teams in the Dairy Division...
PA, Cowbell, HHome, SHREDS, NOVA and RADL

The weather started off great on Saturday with cool temps and ending with clear skies. The First days matches set up the semi-final matches of Seneca vs. Cowbell and Spotsy made it in to play against PA.

 Hawk Hollow host John Biscoe put together another great event.

The first days weather was cool but ended sunny and a little warmer.

Day two semifinal matches started earlier than scheduled. Cold & rain was expected in the afternoon hours. It was a cold morning and as the first matches ended the temps begin to drop. But the disc golfers bundled up and kept on playing.

Seneca defeated Cowbell 5-4 (in extra holes)

Spotsy defeated PA- 5-3

In the elimination match Triad defeated RADL 5-4

That set up the final round of best of 9 hole matches Spotsy vs. Seneca. Just as the crowd was gathering at the tees for 1 & 10 a few flakes of snow would drop every now and then. As the players began their matches the snow started coming down.

Austin driving off #1 tee pad.

By the end of the best of 9 hole match play the temps dropped again as snow was coming down hard. 

As the final matches finished they gathered at the top of the hill and was tied 4-4 with Bob's match still going on. Bob took the match after extra holes and Spotsy defeated Seneca 5-4.

Team Spotsy

2013 Virginia Team Invitational 


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