Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fall is coming...

My Shendoah Shag performance sucked beyond bad. It pretty much killed my wanting to play disc golf for a while.

This weekend the temps dropped dramatically and I decided to drive to the mountains today.

Plug the headphones in. Crank up some of my favorite music and head out for an all day ride.

Getting up on Skyline and the warm day turned a nice cool. Not a lot of traffic, you can ride for miles before seeing another vehicle.

It takes a lot of the disc golf misery away when you can ride for the day and have fun.

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P.J. said...

Sometimes, it's something you need to do. I know I got to a point where I was attempting to get too serious with disc golf. Now, I just play when I can and do it for fun. I still love writing about it, but the playing is better when I just do it on my own time.

Sounds like your ride helped you clear your mind. Eventually, you'll be back to the plastic. But enjoy the time doing other things, too!