Saturday, August 02, 2014

2014 River City Open

The Summer is winding down and for some moronic reason I decided to try my skills at disc golf again. I signed up for the River City Open at The Village. I had been playing better this summer (not much better, but better) there were going to be a lot of Spotsy players there and the entry fee was reasonable.

Let's just say, "It wasn't the day I was hoping for." I did improve my total score by 10 strokes from the last tournament I played there but the result was the same. Dead Fucking Last in Advanced Grandmasters and would have bee 4th from DFL in intermediate.

Red from Shawshank Redemption said, "Hope can be a dangerous thing."

He was right. Some people just will never be better at something no matter how much they practice or work at something. Disc golf is one of those things for me. I don't mind not winning. I've been a loser all my life so that's not the issue. Sadly for me I'm kinda used to being last. I don't like it but that's another issue.

I would just like to be competitive.

Make it respectable....

The first round was not as bad as it looked. A couple of putts spit out and I missed 3 birdie putts. It could have easily been 60-61. But the short birdie holes that I should have easily parked I just couldn't seem to hit the line. And there is nothing like the feeling of 3-putting a birdie tee shot and walking to the next hole scoring a bogey.

The second round was a total disaster. Several terrible drives off the tee that automatically sent me fighting to save bogey. I did putt better the second round. (mostly to save bogey) I did have one amazing shot on 4 out of the woods across the open field and back through the woods and parked it for a drop in but that was for a bogey. 

Hope is a dangerous thing...

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