Saturday, August 15, 2015

1st Tournament in Forever

I was getting bored and hadn't been stupid enough to enter a disc golf tournament so I rode down to Ashland to the The Village Disc Golf Club and entered the River City Open.

The Village is not one of my favorite courses. There are very few birdie holes for a 840's rated player and this course can really throw your ass on the bogey train and take you directly suckville with no stops.

My goals were to actually finish both rounds and not DFL.

The morning round wasn't too bad. We started on 17 and started off with 2 pars. I almost had the birdie on the just about impossible #18 but I ended up with par which felt like a birdie. I did manage one Duce but a few missed par putts and a double bogey on 4 pretty much ruined that round. But it wasn't the worst score I've had here.

The afternoon round was going to be the tough one and it was. It felt like a disc golf death march. I was already tired from the morning round and the heat kicked up a notch during the afternoon. To the point I was sweating so much it looked like I was caught in the rain.

But I didn't fall apart like I usually do. I did have a couple of bad holes but I didn't DNF and I didn't DFL.

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