Saturday, August 01, 2015

Finally got a Round in...

It had been over a month since my back surgery and decided to head out to Loriella and get some exercise. I waited until 5pm and it had cooled off a little bit but it was still a hot day.

I rode the Softail out to the park. I just had to wear jeans over shorts for the ride for safety reasons. I bungee corded the DG bag to the rear seat and off I went.

The good thing about sucking at Disc Golf is if you take a month off you can still shoot about the same as if you never took a break.

Started off with a bird and I was doing ok even though I was on a bogey train. I threw a laser shot straight at the chains on #10 and misse by about 4" Then was hole #11 I hit the first tree and kicked in to the next county. At least I didn't give up and was able to just about par out.

I had brought my cooler bag with some water and Gatorade and was able to cool off after the round with the ice cube sheet I had in the bag keeping everything cold and after 3 hours in the saddlebag it had hardly melted. So I put it on my head to cool off before the ride home.

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