Saturday, July 25, 2015

First Softail Ride....

I haven't been playing much disc golf lately. With my recent back surgery and the excessive heat I'm not that interested in that.

What I am interested in is riding again.

The new bike has really gotten me excited about riding and going longer distances again. The Sportster is a great bike. It's fast & nimble but my body can't ride it for long rides. My last Skyline Drive ride by the end of the day my legs and hands were numb. I would normally go about 50 miles or so and have to take a break.

The Softail has changed all that. Today's ride was so comfortable. My legs did get a little tired but that was from the new riding position. I could have done 100 miles in a stretch easy.

I did have a close call today. At my first gas stop as I was getting ready to fill up the tank I stand the bike straight up as I lean over so I can see the fuel going in the tank so I don't overfill. My left foot must have been on some oil because it slid out from under me and the bike started to go over. I dropped the gas nozzle and with everything I had pulled and strained the bike back up again. I have no idea how. But my foot that slid grabbed clean pavement at just the right spot before the point of not return. I would have fallen under it but it didn't come to that.

I stopped a Waugh's to pick up a lay down license plate frame and chrome dash extension. They were having a "Christmas in July" sale and every time I reach in the bag to get my discount I always get the 10% one.

I stopped at Blue Run Grocery just before Skyline and bet a couple of bikers and talked bikes & rides for a while.

It was another 90° degree day today but once I hit altitude I had to put my jacket on...

It was a great day for a mountain ride. I never get tired of riding Skyline.

The day was cooling off and I wasn't ready to head home after an all dat ride. I rode through the 'Burg and going past the train bridge I noticed the light and shadows would make a great pic.

I was the first long ride since the heart attack that I wasn't completely sore and worn out. It was a great day.

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