Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Sherando Spartan

I entered the Sherando Spartan and headed up to Winchester with Jeff, Bob & Austin.

This tourney I entered the Rec division and as usual my goal was not to finish last since I have never played this course.

My goal for the first round was to throw 10 over par or less. I started off on the tight wooded holes so it took me a few to get settled down. But I felt I was throwing good and my putter was not acting up. I wan't keeping track of my score. On the last hole I was thinking to myself "I haven't gacked any putts today",  which I immediately donked a 12' to take a four to end the round. Ten pars and 10 bogeys, no double bogeys or pars.

I finished the first round at +10. I hit my goal but that last missed putt...

I thought I did good but as usual when I check the standings I'm at the bottom of my division.

The second round we started on the the open holes and the three of us started off hot. Jerry hit a 45' putt for a birdie. I even hit a birdie early on. By the tenth hole I was only 4 over par.

Then came hole 11. This is where my gas tank hit empty. I ended up taking a 6. I missed a 3' putt when two gnats flew in to my eyes as I was releasing the disc. The final 10 holes were a blur of shorter than usual tee shots. Or when I do get a good tee shot I end up 2 putting for a bogey and on the last hole going from putting for birdie on a Discraft Traveler basket watching my disc hit it then bounce out and roll about 45' down a hill for a final score of 5.

My goal for the second round was 15 over since most hole were longer than the first round. I ended up +17. If I could have prevented the extra strokes on 11 & 18 I could have ended at +11.

Anyway there were 9 in Rec and I finished 7th. The guy that won Rec would have finishe 3rd in intermediate.

Bob place 3rd in Masters, Austin finished 3rd in Advanced, & Jeff won the Grand Masters.

Well, at least I didn't finish last. Of the 72 players I think I had the 66th total score for the day.

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