Sunday, August 04, 2013

Some days are Just Better...

Sunday was a beautiful day for some disc golf. I pick up Austin and met up with Bob & Jeff for a fun round at Loriella. Jeff is still recovering from knee replacement but he managed to get through all 18.

It had been months since Bob and I had a chance to play again and I really impressed him with my improved play. All the exercising, losing weight, putting and open field practice is paying off.

I had one of my best round in a long time. Even though I missed a few birdies and had some bogeys. Nome of my bad shots were that bad.

I was able to par #4 with a great tee shot & open field drive that left me pin high for a short putt. Usually I'm 40' short of the basket and that's twice in the week I was able to make a short putt for par.

On 18 Jeff & I were tied and he throws this straight up the hill drive and end up getting par to my bogey and beats me by one stroke. The weather is starting to cool down for some perfect DG weather.

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