Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Getting it Back Together...

While I was waiting on the last few parts to come in I went ahead and put new brake pads on the front with fresh fluid and changed the front fork oil. I went down from 15w to some Bel-Ray 10w. I'll see how much that softens up the front end. At least it wasn't as fouled as much as the last time I changed it.

I picked up the last parts this morning. The rear fork from the local machine shop. What was supposed to be a simple bearing & races pressed in to the swingarm the retaining clip didn't fit and had to me machined which ended up doubling the cost. On top of that the outer bearing covers were not on leaving the bearings exposed. I know for a fact they were there when I dropped it all off. (I checked the replacement kit to make sure he had everything)

All I got was... "They weren't in the bag with the other part"

Oh well, what can you do. Just pay the bill and get out of there. Luckily I had the covers from the original swingarm to replace them and they fit fine.

So begins the process of putting this all back together....

I get the swingarm mounted after having to take some sand paper to the inside of spacer bushing so it would slide better. It mounts on fine and seems to fit just like it's supposed too.

I get the rear wheel on and the new axle nut adjusters to align the rear wheel are too tight for the axle. I have to take them out to the shed. Clamp them in a vise and burr it out so it will fit. With that little detail done the rear wheel goes on.

Next step  will be putting the new front drive pulley on....

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