Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Full Day Saturday

Had a great day today....

I met up with Jeff & Austin for a morning round at Loriella. Before we started there were some dark clouds on the horizon so I check my iPhone radar app and there was a good patch of rain off to the East. It was either going to miss us or get us really good. We decided to go ahead and start.

 I started off pretty good but #3 gave me a few problems. I did end up getting a few birdies.

I was holding up pretty good until 9 and the wheels fell off a little but I was able to hit a good tunnel shot and birdie 13. On 13 a drop of rain was falling every now & then and by the time we reached 14 tee it was coming down pretty good. It was a refreshing cold rain too so we decided to keep on playing. By looking at the scorecard the rain didn't do much to improve our scores. It was the first time in a long time I had played in that heavy a rain before. I now have a new appreciation of being able to actually see where I'm throwing a disc. I'll have to keep some Rain-X in my truck for m glasses.

Jeff, me & Austin (kind of) on 15 tee pad...

Four birdies and I still end up 9 over. But it was a fun round. Austin and I were comparing complaint/gripe count. Austin was at about 10 for the round and I was at about 10 per hole.

Went home and fixed me some lunch and the skies cleared. So I decided to take the Sporty out for a test ride. 

The ride went great. I ended up riding to a place to get it inspected and now I'm ready to get some riding done before Summer is over. Hit Skyline this Fall for a colors ride.

Two weeks ago I found the damaged rear pulley. Since then a new chrome rear fork & pulley adjusters, replacement rear wheel, replaced the rear belt pulley & new front 30t front pulley, new drive belt, new chrome belt shields, new tires, new brake pads, cleaned out the brake lines with new fluids, fresh Bel-Ray 10w fork oil, fresh oil and filter and fresh primary oil. I also had to repair the primary drain plug threads.

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