Friday, August 02, 2013

Feelin' Lucky? Punk!....

The Virginia Lottery has a $1 Frisbee Sctatcher game going on this summer and any ticket that doesn't pay off there is a second chance drawing.

If you second chance ticket is selected you win a Frisbee brand disc golf target & $100 Visa gift card. So far there have been 4 second chance drawings and I have won in two of them.

The first one showed up on my front porch the other day and the second one today...

They are comparable to the In-step brand portable target. Not as heavy duty as the Innova Discatcher sport but not bad for backyard practice.

I bought some red plastic chain to hang down as inner chain to help the targets catch the discs better. The targets also came with Frisbee brand PDGA approved discs.

Two mid-range approach discs and 4 putters in each box. They are perfect DX plastic discs for beginners to learn on. I'll keep a few for my collection and give the rest away to new players.

This gives me a total of 4 practice baskets now. Now all I have to do is get all motivated and stuff to go out and practice more.

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