Saturday, June 09, 2012

Battlefield Open

I made it down to Dorey Park in Richmond for the Battlefield Open. I wasn't planning on it but my cousin that had been visiting left a day early so I got up early and was lucky enough to get one of the few open spots left.

First round was the short tees. My group started on #16 and I was able to get about 8' past the basket and immediately donked the birdie putt. But I put it behind me and started rolling off pars. I was able to hit a few birdies and had only one bogey to finish at -2. For the first time I had the best score on a card. I'm usually the worst.

I get back from the lunch break and I'm in a three way tie for 9th place.

The second round is from the long tees, a completely different course. I start off with a grip lock shot off the tee of #13 straight in to the woods and end up with a double par 6. But I settle down and hit a string of pars with a few birdie chances. On the back nine I begin to feel fatigued but I keep it together enough finish with some bogeys for a +12.

This was the first time playing this course and I was very happy with both rounds. I was in two groups of great players that kept everything fun. I get back and I was good enough to finish 11th in Intermediate Division (26 players). Prizes were up to 13th so I had just made it in. This was the first time in 25+ years of disc golf that I have won discs in a PDGA sanctioned event.

I won these 3 Crystal Buzzes.

To make it even a greater day for the Spotsy DG Club. Austin finished 1st in Advanced, Russell finished 2nd in Open and Jeff finished 1st in Grand Masters.

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