Saturday, June 30, 2012

Too Hot to Play...

Last night the storm-aggedon tore through the 'Burg and knocked out power all over. Last year when this happened it took 3 days to get it back on.

The timing couldn't have been better. It was forecast to break the 100° mark and with no AC it was going to suck.

It was going to be too hot for a round of Disc Golf so to kill the day I decided to use the last day of my National Park season pass and ride Skyline Drive. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. As long as you were rolling it didn't get uncomfortable. Only when you were stopped in traffic did it get hot. All along the ride today there was damaged trees, down lines and cops directing traffic downed lights. Sperryville looked like a bomb went off with all the tree damage.

Skyline didn't disappoint. As soon as I started up the twisties of 33 the temps began to drop. Once on the Drive when the canopy covered the road it was nice & cool.

There wasn't much traffic up there today and the power was out at Big Meadows. The restaurant was closed but they had enough power to sell itms from the camper's store so I was able to get a soda & peanuts to snack on.

The gnats were a bit much today when I stopped at an overlook to take a break. But you keep your goggles on for that.

I headed home down to Culpeper and lucky for me The Stable was open so I got my Robert E. Lee and didn't even realized that it had rained while I was eating dinner. The clouds were rolling in pretty dark so I took the chance of trying to beat the rain home.

I almost made it too. Nothing stings like rain hitting you at 70 mph. I had to stop at the Shell near Germanna until it passed by. It didn't take long and the roads were drying fast so I finished my ride and made it home. It was a bonus when I hit the driveway. I left the front porch light on before I left and it was on when I pulled in. So the poser is back on and I can sleep tonight with the AC on.

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