Saturday, June 02, 2012

June Juggernaut

 My friend Jerry was hosting a tournament Hot Shots disc golf course in Lexington Park, MD to raise funds for the new concrete tee pads. 

Austin & I made up Team Wonderboy and Russell Jessop and Justin Ruongrat rode up with us. It turned out to be a great day for some disc golf.

The format for the tournament was all baskets in the long position. The first round would be from the Blue tees (long) the second round would be from the Red tees (short).  

I was in a great mood today which is weird because I generally don't like to play doubles. I don't mind playing bad and ending up last but to fuck it up for a team mate really bothers me. But Austin is a great player and if I can just hold it together and play decent then we would have a good day.

The plan was for me to throw first off the tee an make a safe shot that didn't  have to be long just leave us a good up shot for par. Then Austin would have the green light to attack the course.  I felt good and was excited to play. My putter seemed to be working well in the warm up.

We started off the round with 3 pars & a bogey, then we settled in for ten more pars with a few bogeys and a Birdie on #17 and five pars. The only bad hole we has was #14 we both went OB on our second shot to end up with a circle 7. We settled down with some more pars to finish the round with 60. (Par for the course) We felt pretty good about the round but it wasn't until all the scores came in until we found out that we were in the lead with the 2nd place team four strokes back.

We set out for the second round in the lead but anything is possible and we found that out on the first hole of the round when we score a Bogey and our opponents Par the hole to gain a stroke off the bat. but we settled down with 5 consecutive pars while the other team struggled with a string of Bogeys. 

Then came #13. 

Thirteen is a 383' hyzer shot over an OB road with a mando tree down the middle. I make a great safe throw down the left side. Austin rips a huge throw that misses the Ace shot & hits under the basket but kicks up towards another OB road. When we get to Austin lie his disc is just a few inches from being OB and putting for Birdie. But before I can stop him he picks up his disc without marking his spot now we have to play from my shot. I throw my upshot short & Austin goes long and we end up missing our put and having to score a Bogey. Here's the rub, if we had taken Austin's OB shot from where it went out we would have had a 15' for a circle par.

Fourteen we played smart and ended up with a Bogey which saved us 3 strokes from the morning round. Then a string of six Pars with a Birdie in the middle got us cruising through our final holes but I began to hit the wall and was not throwing that great and finished with two Bogeys and a Par. Our opponents began to pick it up and Birdied #4 and finished with pars and gaining a few strokes.

But Team Wonderboy finished with a 57 and they had a 59 giving us a six stroke lead on the 2nd place team. As long as one of the down card teams didn't catch on fire and shoot an amazing score we should win.

Team Spotsy ended up sweeping the event. Justin & Russell finished on top with a total score of 109. Austin & I also finished in the top spot with 117. Today was the best two rounds of disc golf I have ever thrown and did something I have never done in a tournament before. Not only did I make the prizes but actually won an event. 

For the first time in over 25 years of Disc Golf I won an event. We both made a great team and played well especially when one of us made a mistake.

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